I couldn’t wait to show everybody what happened. One morning while still living at home with my parents I awoke to a rather large mess in my pants. The night before when I had gone to bed it was in the summer and during that day I had stuffed myself with lots of junk food and sodas and sugary snacks. That stuff can produce diarrhea. I had just got into bed and felt a gurgling feeling in my lower stomach area. I began to pass gas and then while lying on my stomach I felt something wet come out while I farted. I knew it was probably diarrhea but I just let it come out. Soon I was fast asleep. During the night I must of continued to fill my pants with wet farts. I woke up in the morning early to the huge load ever. It left brown stains on my bed sheets, all over my underpants and I was wearing Spiderman PJ’s that also had shit stains on them. When I stood up there was a definitive drop sag to my underpants. It felt so good and different and naughty. I was eight and definitely not allowed to do anything like this on purpose. It was like a “accident?..on purpose…I didn’t mean to do it type of deliberate thing type of accident! I carried my blanket with me and a stuffie that I still slept with downstairs. I used the blanket to hide my messed pants. They could smell something nasty but didn’t know it was me. The blanket shielded the stains. Then I was asked if I messed my pants! I took the blanket away from me and turned around and showed everyone what I had done. I was very proud of what I did. They couldn’t believe that I had done something so nasty and I was asked how did it happen. I was honest and said I DID IT ON PURPOSE. I got a big spanking for that and had to take a long shower.

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