Proud Holders

Proud Holders

Chapter One

Monday Afternoon

(All of the characters in this story are completely ficticious and any resemblance to real persons, living or otherwise, is entirely coincidental. Also all of the charcters are well over the age of 18 – in fact the youngest is nearer 28.)

Sarah Worthington eyed the young – and not so young – hopefuls seated on plastic chairs in the room before her.

“Welcome to the Proud Holders Residential Course. You have all been through registration already but I need to do a roll call in order to make sure everybody’s here and, just as importantly, to make sure there’s nobody here who shouldn’t be.”

“Yes Miss”

“Yes Miss”

“Yes Miss”

“Yes Miss”

“Yes Miss”

“Yes Miss”

“Yes Miss”

“Yes Miss”

“Linsey Dawn”
“Yes Miss”

“Yes Miss”

“Good. That appears to be everyone. Now there are a number of points which need to be gone through so please listen carefully. I don’t want to have to repeat myself more than necessary.”

“Firstly, let me make it plain that this is not a school or a prison and anyone is free to leave at anytime. Completing the course here and receiving your Diploma will look good on your CV. Should you choose to leave us before completing the course I must warn you that we are regularly approached for references and we have a duty of candour to those who approach us in good faith.
If you choose to leave us without completing the course it could well affect your career prospects.
I know some of you are old hands in the professions from which you are drawn but some aren’t and I understand a number are returners having taken a career break. Some however are not. It hasn’t escaped my notice that some of you have already made it big in the world of entertainment but we are living in uncertain times and you cannot rely on previously established reputations carrying you through alone. I cannot warn strongly enough that anyone who quits the course without completing it will be doing themselves no favours at all. The same warning applies to anyone expelled from the course for repeated and flagrant breaches of our house rules or persistent disobedience.
Having our Diploma will almost certainly make a big difference to your career and give you far more self confidence than you ever thought you had. So far no one has failed this course and it’s not going to happen whilst I’m running it. We don’t do failure here – only success.”

“Secondly, we have some house rules with which we expect students here to comply. In order to comply with the law of the land this is a non-smoking establishment. There will therefore be no smoking in any of the rooms. This includes the Dormitories and the Bathroom as well the Conference Room, Dining Room and Workshop area. For the benefit of any who choose to abuse their bodies with this vile and detestable vice there is an outdoor shelter which can be viewed from my room and, trust me, I will know who uses it. No drugs, other than those prescribed by a Medical Practitioner, will be allowed on the premises. Matron will supervise the taking of prescription medicines so if you need to take anything you must tell her at teatime. If we find anyone taking illegal substances they will be expelled from the course and the police will be informed. Similarly, no alcohol of any sort is permitted on the premises at any time. If we find any it will be confiscated and destroyed. We do, however, have vending machines containing chocolate, soft drinks and sweets which you are welcome to use. Anyone requiring change for the vending machines can come and see me or Matron and we will be most happy to oblige. We also have unlimited supplies of fresh bottled spring water which is provided ‘on the house’ and students are free to help themselves to as much as they want.”

“Thirdly, turning to the practical arrangements for your stay, the gentlemen will be housed in one dormitory and the ladies in another. You will share a common bathroom but will only be permitted to use it under the supervision of Matron or myself. The bathroom will be locked overnight and anyone wishing to use it during that time must buzz Matron. Buzzers have been provided by your beds for that purpose although I hope sincerely that you won’t have cause to bother her. Please note that all bathroom and toilet use will be strictly supervised at all times – either by Matron or myself. Evening ablutions will take place between between nine and ten so you should be in bed in time to hear the news if that’s your thing. Morning ablutions will take place between the hours of seven and eight. There will be no chamber pots, vases, she-wees or other ‘convenient receptacles’ in the dormitories. All beds are fitted with mattress protectors of a standard type used in hospitals and nursing homes, although I am supremely confident that they will not be required. Matron will check all beds every morning to make sure they’ve been left clean, dry and free of discharges.
In the gentleman’s dormitory she will also be checking for evidence of seminal discharges. If we find evidence of bedwetting or masturbation it will be raised at our Morning Meeting after breakfast and those responsible will be required to explain themselves. No adult nappies or other continence products are allowed on the premises. I appreciate that some of the ladies may come on their periods within the duration of the course. If any of the ladies foresee that happening you must tell Matron and she will issue you with our approved sanitary protection, your use of which will take place strictly under our close supervision.”

“Starting tomorrow the daily timetable will be as follows:

07.00-8.00 Morning Ablutions
08.00-08.45 Breakfast
08.45-10.45 Morning Meeting. This will be used to address any issues which have arisen overnight or the previous day and there will be opportunities for appropriate general discussion or questions if time permits.
10.45-11.00 Break for refreshments. Coffee, tea, water and soft drinks will be provided but no toilet visits will be permitted.
11.00-13.00 Practical work and exercises
13.00-14.00 Lunch
14.00-15.00 Post-prandial Ablutions
15.00-16.00 Afternoon Meeting. This will include discussion of issues facing individuals as well as any goals and aspirations which students may have.
16.00-17.30 Practical work/exercises.
17.30-18.30 Supper
18.30-21.00 Recreation. This will include opportunities for students to watch television, play DVDs and make use of laptop computers or tablets if they so wish. We have free wifi and we are a censorship free zone. You’re all adults and Matron and I firmly believe you should be able to view whatever you wish during that generous allocation of ‘me time’ which we’ve worked into the timetable for you.
21.00-22.00 Evening Ablutions and preparation for bed.
22.30 Lights out”

“Last, but by no means least, we will have some respect. You will call me either ‘Miss’ or ‘Miss Sarah’ at all times. Matron is to be addressed as ‘Matron.’ Members of the domestic staff and any outside tutors brought in to assist with the course will be addressed as ‘Sir’ or ‘Miss’. Now does anyone have any questions?”

“Yes Holly.”

“Miss, what did you do before you came to run this course?”

“Holly, I worked as a senior nurse on a urology ward at a large hospital in the North of England. What I don’t know about the subject isn’t worth knowing. I was feared by patients and junior staff alike. Let that be a warning to all of you. I’m not without a sense of humour, as you will no doubt discover in due course, but I don’t suffer fools gladly and woe bedtide anyone who tries to make a monkey of me – because will wish they hadn’t. Some of the sudents I’ve had in the past have called me a ‘bitch’ although most, if pressed, have been willing to admit that I’m firm but fair.”

“Yes Cathy.”

“Can I go to the toilet, Miss?”

“No Cathy. It’s four o’ clock and there will be supervised toileting for all students on the course at four thirty. I trust that you can wait half an hour. If you’re desperate I’ll make sure you’re first in the queue.”

“I’m not sure I can wait that long, Miss?”

“Trust me, Cathy. The idea that you can’t is all in your mind. If the worst comes to the worst I have a mop and bucket in the store room so you can clean up after yourself. I’m quite confident it won’t be necessary though. That reminds me – I trust everyone remembered to bring at least ten spare pairs of underclothes with them as per the instructions I sent out. If not, we have a strictly limited number of spares but I must warn you that there aren’t any shopping expeditions planned for the next few days at any rate.”

“Jonah, what is it?”

“Can we change the subject, Miss?”


“Because I’ve had a trans-atlantic flight to get here and, apart from a few spurts in my pants to ease the pressure whilst on that plane, I’ve not peed since leaving New York. All this is getting to me though and I don’t think I can hold out much longer.”

Miss Sarah smiled.

“Look Jonah, you’ve already done better than most people in this room will have done today so I’m sure you should be able to last until four thirty without any trouble. Anyone else in this room not been to the toilet for eight hours or longer?”

Anne, Cathy and Andrew all raised their hands.

A wicked glint was seen in Miss Sarah’s eyes.

“Well I am impressed. At this rate I think we can consider dispensing with the post-prandial early afternoon toileting session tomorrow. On second thoughts I won’t – not just yet. For this course to have the desired outcome which is for all of you to be able to hold comfortably for as long as you need to, we need to have a level playing field with realistic, manageable targets. Goodness it’s nearly half past four. I think Matron will be about ready to take you all to the toilet. Follow me and form an orderly queue. Cathy can go first followed by Jonah. Everyone else can then take their turn and, trust me, I’ll be keeping an eye on all of you.”

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  1. Proud Holders

    Chapter Two

    Tuesday Morning

    (All of the characters in this story are completely ficticious and any resemblance to real persons, living or otherwise, is entirely coincidental. Also all of the charcters are well over the age of 18 – in fact the youngest is nearer 28.)

    “Good morning everyone.”

    “Good morning Miss Sarah.”

    “How was breakfast everyone?”


    “I’m glad to hear it. Most people are happy with our continental offer of cereal, toast and croissants during the week, although I’m sure you’ll be glad to hear that a full English is provided at the weekend when things will be slightly more relaxed. One thing pleased me enormously about this morning and I really must share it with you. We provided enough coffee for thirty and sufficient tea for twenty, fully expecting a lot to be left over. You drank the lot though which I have to say is pretty impressive by any standard of measurement given that there were only ten of you. Obviously you have serious intentions about making the most of this course – at least I hope you do.”

    “Maybe we were thirsty, Miss.”

    “Maybe so Charmaine. Either that or you are serious optimists about your abilities to withstand the rigours of this course. Maybe some people’s eyes are bigger than their bladders. It will be interesting to see whether you’ve all got dry pants at lunchtime or not.”

    “Did everyone have a good night?”

    “Yes Miss.”

    “Hmm. I think some people had a better night than others, didn’t they? Matron checked the beds this morning whilst you were having breakfast and I’m afraid they didn’t all get a clean bill of health. David, examination of your bed revealed ample evidence to suggest you’d been indulging in the abominable vice of masturbation. What have you to say for yourself?”

    “I’m sorry Miss. It’s just that I couldn’t help it. I was feeling aroused in the small hours and just had to deal with it in order to get any sleep.”

    Miss Sarah looked stern.

    “It’s not me you need to apologise to, David. It’s yourself. Nocturnal masturbation robs you of strength – strength you’ll need to get through this course. It also makes you want to go to the lavatory more than you need to. Come and stand at the front. Undo your flies and get your tail out but don’t play with it. I’m quite sure the ladies would like to see what’s been giving you so much pleasure. Perhaps it might fire their imaginations or even make them a little bit jealous. Then again, maybe not. What a titch!”

    “Speaking of the ladies I don’t think you have too much cause for smugness or self congratulation either. Anne, when Matron checked your bed she found it soaking wet. Why didn’t you buzz her as instructed if you needed the toilet during the night? She would have been more than happy to take you. At least you owe us an explanation of some sort. What have you to say for yourself, Anne?”

    “I’m sorry Miss but it wasn’t a case of waking up in the night and needing the toilet. It was a case of waking up already wet – at four o’clock. You see I’ve never been completely dry at night and that’s partly why I came on the course.”

    “So you’re a bedwetter then?”

    “Yes occasionally. Not every night though. Look I’m sure I’m not the only person here who wets the bed occasionally. I did some research on bedwetting once and found that a surprising proportion of the adult population wets the bed from time to time.”

    “That may be so, Anne. I don’t think you need dig any deeper. Hopefully you’ll be completely dry at night by the time you leave us. In the meantime you can come to the front, stand here and take your top off. We may as well give the gentleman a little entertainment and, given the amount of liquid imbibed at breakast time I’m sure some of them are in need of a helping hand.”

    “But Miss, that’s awful.”

    “Stop whining, Anne, and do as you’re told. If you wet the bed again whilst you’re here it won’t be your top you’re asked to remove, it will be your skirt and panties.”

    “Now we’ve got this morning’s disciplinary matters out of the way, has anyone got any personal issues they wish to discuss. What’s said within this group stays within the group. It’s in the strictest confidence. Jack, what about you?”

    “Yes Miss, there is something I’d like to raise. In my adult acting career – and indeed my private life come to that – I find sex on a full bladder incredibly difficult. Getting hard on a full bladder, never mind staying hard, is incredibly difficult and I get nervous when it comes to doing the business. Occasionally a shoot has to be abandoned because I just can’t perform.”

    “So you do watersports work, Jack?”

    “No Miss. I never do watersports work as such. At least not intentionally. I just don’t like it. However I often have a three or four hour drive to a shoot. When I get there I find there aren’t any toilets – at least nothing resembling any. I then have to hang around until the girl turns up and everyone’s ready which can be another two hours, sometimes more. Consequently it’s not unusual for me to end up in a situation where I’ve got to try and have sex six or seven hours after I last went for a pee. Try having sex when you’re bursting for a wee and you’re not allowed to do one. It’s not easy!”

    Miss Sarah looked sympathetic for once.

    “Thanks for sharing that, Jack. Performing on a full bladder isn’t easy but we’re going to get you to a point where you can do it with confidence and hopefully it will evetually become second nature. Being kept waiting or the lack of toilets won’t bother you. Tell me Jack, out of every ten women you perform with how many, on average, show any interest in when you last went for a wee?”

    “About three out of ten.”

    “How many have refused to perform with you when they’ve discovered how long it was since you’d last taken a leak.”

    “Not that many. I’d say about one in ten. We’ve got round it occasionally when someone’s found a bucket but it’s an imperfect solution. The last time I released over two litres of pent up pee and the bucket, which wasn’t that large, nearly overflowed. What’s more the girl insisted on watching to make sure that I ‘went’ which made it harder to get out than if I’d been allowed my privacy. Also I’m terribly shy really and I hate being watched when I pee.”

    “Right Jack. Let’s analyse this a little. If we take what you’ve said to be fairly accurate, seven women out of ten that you work with don’t care when you last peed and probably wouldn’t care if you peed inside them. Of the remaining three, two will still be happy to go ahead despite knowing you’ve got a full bladder. That accords with what we know about sexual trends in general – around twenty per cent of the population are estimated to have a watersports interest of some sort. This means it’s only a problem for one woman in ten. Jack, we’re going to do some exercises which, with any luck, will give you such a level of control that that one woman in ten is quite fearless about having a cock inside her which is attached to a full bladder.”

    “I think that will do for this morning’s Meeting. It’s about time for coffee. After coffee we will do some kegel exercises. Commodes will be provided and we will all practice peeing in a controlled way.”

  2. Proud Holders

    Chapter Three

    Tuesday Afternoon

    (All of the characters in this story are completely ficticious and any resemblance to real persons, living or otherwise, is entirely coincidental. Also all of the charcters are well over the age of 18 – in fact the youngest is nearer 28.)

    “Good afternoon everyone. Welcome to the Afternoon Meeting.”

    “Good afternoon Miss Sarah.”

    “I hope everyone enjoyed the buffet lunch and had plenty to drink too. In view of what happened at breakfast time we made sure we provided enough water and soft drinks for fifty people. What’s more it was all gone when the caterers came to clear up. You are a thirsty lot, aren’t you?”

    “This morning’s kegel exercises went far better than ever I’d hoped. I must single out Charmaine, Holly, Jonah and Omar for particular praise. You really did well and if I was giving out gold stars I’d have no hesitation about awarding you two each. I’m afraid Andrew and Linsey Dawn didn’t do so well. You both seemed to have an awful job stopping weeing once you’d started. In fact we almost had a flood on our hands. Anyone would think neither of you had ever peed before. Why was this? Andrew, let’s start with you. Why do you think you had difficulty stopping the flow?”

    “Well Miss Sarah. It’s like this. When I was younger I spent quite a bit of time in the forces. Toilet opportunities were few and far between so when they came you had to take full advantage and let it all out in a big way. You should have seen the way they treated the poor bastards who couldn’t hold it and pissed themselves. Unlike some people here I’m not in entertainment – adult or otherwise – although some people think I’m on a jolly. If only they knew! However I am in a role which involves lengthy engagements and endless waiting around so I probably get to piss less than when I was in the army. I came on this course to try and improve my skills, particularly now I’m getting a little order. I’m not ready for nappies yet though – at least I hope not.”

    “I’m glad to hear it. At least is sounds as though you’re here to make an effort which is encouraging and satisfying for me. What about you Linsey Dawn?”

    “Well unlike Andrew I do work in the entertainment sector – more so in the past than now – although I’m planning a bit of a comeback after a few years of taking it easy. However my job involves a lot of travel and hanging about so in that sense he and I have got something in common. Not surprisingly the second my bum hits something resembling a toilet seat I let it all out and pee for England.”

    “Hmm. Thanks for that, Linsey Dawn. It sounds as though I need to do a bit more work with you both. I know it cuts into your recreation time and that may not sit well with either of you. However I plan to do it between eight and nine this evening as that’s the only free slot in my schedule today. When we’ve finished it will be assumed that neither of you will want to go to the toilet again before bed. You can just go straight to your beds and read, watch telly, play with your tablets or whatever else you want to do.”

    “Right. It’s four o’clock. Mr Wentworth is coming shortly to give the gentlemen a practical workshop on strengthening the penis muscles which I’m sure will be enjoyed by all. The ladies are invited to to join me in watching. You’re not shy gentlemen, are you?

  3. Proud Holders

    Chapter Four

    Wednesday Morning

    (All of the characters in this story are completely fictitious and any resemblance to real persons, living or otherwise, is entirely coincidental. Also all of the characters are well over the age of 18 – in fact the youngest is nearer 28.)

    “Good morning everyone. Welcome to the Morning Meeting.”

    “Good morning Miss Sarah.”

    “On a positive note it seems as though everyone enjoyed the exercises undertaken by the gentleman yesterday afternoon under the expert guidance of Mr Wentworth. In particular the sessions on edging and rimming were especially popular. Gentlemen, I expect you never knew it was possible to experience quite such intense pleasure without actually cumming or needing the bathroom.
    It was obvious the ladies enjoyed watching too.”

    “Andrew and Linsey Dawn. Your kegel exercises went fairly well last night considering what happened earlier in the day, although I think more work still needs to be done. Matron was, however, disappointed to find both your beds soaking wet this morning. What happened?
    Andrew, you tell me what went wrong first.”

    “Well Miss, it was like this. I woke about three thirty and just couldn’t get back to sleep, however hard I tried. To be honest I felt so horny after yesterday that I just had to do something with my cock and it came down to choosing between a wank and a wee. As a rational man I knew than a wee would be more useful than a wank and it would still make me feel less horny. Since I don’t wear pyjamas or briefs in bed, there was a mattress protector and I knew the consequences, other than a touch of peer shaming which I can take, wouldn’t be any worse than if I’d had a wank instead. What’s more I knew it wouldn’t result you forcing me to wear one of those beastly chastity devices you made David wear the other night. The worst you could do would be to make me wear a nappy and I’m man enough to take that.”

    Miss Sarah scowled.

    “Actually Andrew, that’s where you’re wrong. We have all sorts of devices in our armoury and tonight you will wear one which is not only one hundred percent effective against masturbation but, unlike the one I put on David last night is also ninety five percent effective against urination. Don’t look so scared, young man. You’ll only be wearing it for one night and that should be enough to teach you a lesson. When I first worked in urology we had Hypospadias patients with tubes up their dicks and it was a week or more before some of them could pee properly. The device you’ll wear works by plugging the urethra and Matron will insert it quite painlessly after you’ve been to the lavatory at bedtime. You’ll be quite comfortable. Now come to the front and get your tail out.
    You may as well give the ladies a little treat whilst you’re about it. Wow, you have got a whopper.”

    “Right Linsey Dawn. I know you’ve been quietly enjoying Andrew’s humiliation but you can take that smirk off your face right now. What’s your explanation – or rather excuse – for that wet bed. We’ve all been waiting to hear.”

    “I’m sorry Miss Sarah but I’m afraid I’ve got the same problem as Anne. Like her I only wet the bed very occasionally but when it happens I just wake up totally sodden. It’s always to late to do anything about it. I didn’t stick my head above the parapet yesterday when she was describing her problem because I’d no wish to draw attention to myself. Apart from that there would have been a sea of spunk in the male dormitory this morning for Matron to clean up if I’d mentioned it.”

    Miss Sarah shook her head.

    “Linsey Dawn, you really think you’ve ‘arrived’ don’t you? I know you’re trying to relaunch your career after a break and I don’t wish you any ill will in that – but maybe some of the gentleman here don’t think you’re quite such a big deal as you seem to imagine. I very much want to believe your explanation but, I’m afraid hard bitten experience and a long career in urology incline me towards a certain scepticism. To put it bluntly I’m inclined to think you woke up and, like Andrew, fancied a sneaky wee between the sheets. I know you weren’t wearing panties or a nightie last night and I’m always a little wary of people who sleep in the buff. However, as I explained on Monday I’m a fair minded person so I’ll accept your explanation and give you the benefit of the doubt. Do be aware that I might feel a little less charitable if you wet the bed again during the course. Involuntary
    nocturnal enureses isn’t unknown amongst adults but it typically affects at most one to two per cent of the population. Were what’s happened so far in this group anything to go by, the figure would be twenty per cent. Come to the front and take your top off. You may as well help the gentlemen out a little.”

    “I’m telling the truth. Honest Miss.”

    “You better had be. As I’ve already made clear, if you wet the bed again this week I’ll more than likely take a different view. My goodness, it will be coffee time again in another ten minutes or so. How time flies when we’re having fun. I do there will be cream cakes for everyone – well everyone except Andrew and Linsey Dawn who’ve forfeited the right to theirs, that is.”

  4. Proud Holders

    Chapter Five

    Wednesday Afternoon

    (All of the characters in this story are completely fictitious and any resemblance to real persons, living or otherwise, is entirely coincidental. Also all of the characters are well over the age of 18 – in fact the youngest is nearer 28.)

    “Good afternoon everyone.”

    “Good afternoon Miss Sarah.”

    “Well I am pleased. This morning’s kegel exercises went ever so well and exceeded my expectations. Both Andrew and Linsey Dawn had so much better control. It’s amazing what a little gentle humiliation can achieve sometimes, isn’t it?”

    “If you say so, Miss.”

    “I do Linsey Dawn. Now moving on, I’ve still not had a chance to to talk to everyone why they’re here and what they want to take away from the course but I’m getting there slowly. Jonah, what about you? So far you’ve been a model student with no nocturnal adventures, accidents or cheek, and your performance on the kegels has been exemplary.”

    “Thanks Miss. That’s very kind of you but I’m terribly shy and not that good at handling praise.
    It’s something I’m better at giving than receiving. Anyhow about me. I guess I’m fortunate in one sense – some people would say more than one – but I’m not here to discuss that. Much of the work I do nowadays can be done from home – all I need is my laptop and my mobile so it could hardly be easier. Whilst working at home, more often than not in the mornings, I can drink enough coffee and coke ro sink a battleship but seemingly last for hours without needing to pee. Sometimes I undo my pants and let it hang out so if I did need to pee I could just go there and then if I was in the mood.
    If that sounds like a dream situation to most of the people here, the problem starts when I put my cock away, button my pants and leave the apartment to go out. It doesn’t matter what I have or haven’t drunk, when I last peed or not, I can guarantee that once out of my apartment I will need to pee within a couple of hours if not sooner. Luckily I’m the sort of guy who can need to pee pretty badly for quite a long time before I’ve got to find a bathroom urgently. Usually I manage to get back to my apartment or locate a usable bathroom before disaster but I’ve flooded my pants a few times over the years and I’m not happy about it.”

    Miss Sarah looked sympathetic.

    “I see. An interesting set of circumstances if I may say so, Jonah. Tell me, do you always visit the bathroom before leaving your apartment?”

    “No Miss. Only if I need to pee when I’m about to go out. I used to always go, but I soon found out it made no difference as to whether I needed to pee whilst I was out or not. Sometimes it made matters worse. I guess some of the guys here will be familiar with the phrase ‘breaking the seal.’ It’s when a precautionary pee, when you don’t actually need to go, ends up making you want to pee far worse than if you’d not been.”

    Miss Sarah nodded knowingly.
    “I see Jonah. Although your circumstances are different, it sounds as though your problem is not altogether unlike Jack’s. Physiologically I think your bladder and associated plumbing – like his – is in pretty good shape. I’m inclined to think the issue is more psychological and related to the how your bladder and brain communicate with each other. We need to retrain the connection so that when you need to pee your brain ceases to regard it as a big deal and you don’t worry about whether you wet yourself or not. In other words we need to get your brain to call your bladder’s bluff.
    If your bladder gets used to the idea that your brain really doesn’t care, you’ll still need to go but be much more relaxed about it. You’ll find the discomfort will disappear and you won’t wet yourself but, most of all, you’ll be able to pee on your own terms when it suits you. In the light of what you’ve said we’re going to do something a little different tomorrow which will benefit not only you and Jack but, hopefully, all the other students too.”

    Holly raised a hand.

    “Yes Holly?”

    “What are you planning for tomorrow, Miss?”

    “Wait and see, Holly. Let’s say it’s a surprise but I think one you’ll all enjoy. Now if there are no more questions the ladies have an Aerobics class in with Mrs Glenson in Workshop 3A. I’ll do some muscle toning exercises with the gentlemen. Sorry if you tanked up on lemonade at lunchtime in anticipation of kegels but there aren’t any this afternoon. There will, however, be quick toileting session for all students before supper. We can’t have puddles on the Dining Room floor, can we?”

    Charmaine’s hand shot up.

    “Yes Charmaine. What is it?”

    “If there aren’t any kegels I think I can hold it until bedtime. Cathy and I are in the mood for a bit of a holding contest. I have a fiver on being able to outlast her and she’s got one on being able to outlast me.”

    A stern look crossed Miss Sarah’s face.

    “No Charmaine. I’m the course tutor and I decide who gets to pee and when. You and Cathy will both be toileted before supper with the other students. Matron and I won’t have any fuss or messing around. Is that understood? Right, that concludes this afternoon’s business. Ladies, Mrs Glenson is a patient lady but I think she’s been kept waiting for long enough. I’m sure you can find your way to Workshop 3A without too much trouble. It’s just down the corridor on your right. I’ll deal with the gentlemen here.”

  5. Proud Holders

    Chapter Six

    Later on Wednesday Afternoon

    (All of the characters in this story are completely fictitious and any resemblance to real persons, living or otherwise, is entirely coincidental. Also all of the characters are well over the age of 18 – in fact the youngest is nearer 28.)

    Anne Glenson was most certainly not in the best of moods. She hated being kept waiting, particularly when it was late in the day, she was feeling tired and in no mood to be messed about. She eyed the five young women who entered her domain somewhat disdainfully and with an air of aloof authority. Sarah Worthington had warned her that the latest crop of students on the Proud Holders Residential Course were a challenging lot and she intended to show them who was boss.

    “Good afternoon, ladies. I suppose it is still afternoon – if only just. You must be the group I was expecting fifteen minutes ago. I’m Anne Glenson, the Aerobics tutor and fitness instructor here, although I run some specialist courses here too for those brave enough to attempt them. You may call me ‘Miss’ or ‘Mrs Glenson’ as you so please. I’m Anne only to my husband, aged parents and a few close friends. We’ve not got much time as I gather you’re all being toileted before supper but we’ll do what we can in the time available. I suppose I’d better do a quick roll call to make sure everyone’s here and I know who you all are.”


    “Here Miss”


    “Yes Miss”


    “Here Miss”


    “Yes Miss”

    “Linsey Dawn”

    “Here Miss”

    “Right, that appears to be everybody. Now if you’d each care to settle on a mat we’ll do some gentle warm up exercises. Now before we start, has anyone any questions?”

    Linsey Dawn’s hand shot up.

    Mrs Glenson frowned at her.

    “Yes, Linsey Dawn?”

    “Miss, I don’t think I can hold any longer. Can I go to the toilet now, please?”

    “No you can’t. We’ve only got half an hour as it is.”

    “But I’m desperate, Miss.”

    “Look Linsey Dawn, you’re not desperate. You went with the others after lunch, didn’t you? In fact it says here in my copy of the register that you passed an impressive 720ml so you can’t possibly be desperate now. I’ve not peed since breakfast time – and that was nowhere near a toilet – but I’m not about to wet myself.”

    “Please Miss. I drank lots at lunchtime and I think that’s why I need to go now”

    “No Linsey Dawn. You’re not going and that’s final.”

    Unable to hold a second longer, Linsey Dawn flooded her panties and jeans, soaking the mat into the process.

    Anne Glenson reached for the phone.

    “Matron will you please come to Workshop 3A right now? I want you to remove a student who’s wet herself. Take her to the bathroom and make sure she’s well and truly finished. I’ve only got twenty minutes of a very short lesson left and I want to try and do something with the students I’ve got left, although I can’t imagine what that will be.”

    “Linsey Dawn, Matron is coming for you and will sort you out. I don’t know whether you did that deliberately or not but I’m very disappointed and, trust me, I will most certainly be having words with Miss Worthington about you. Let that be a warning to the rest of you.”

    Holly’s hand shot up.

    “Yes Holly?”

    “Miss, can I be excused? I think I need to go too.”

    “No Holly. You’re not going anywhere – and don’t you dare wet yourself!”

    “But Miss…”

    “No Holly. I mean it “

    “Right now can we please get on with a few gentle exercises in the precious little time we’ve got left. Legs apart everyone – and that includes you Holly. Arms up please. That’s right. Now bend. Touch your toes everyone. Oh for goodness sake! Some of you must be half my age and I just can’t believe how unfit you are. Come on Charmaine, get to it. At last. Right, we’re going to do some running on the spot to get those hearts pumping properly. Cathy, stop jiggling your tits – it’s not necessary. Now come on.”

    Holly felt a spurt of pee escape into her panties but managed to stop herself peeing before it became a flood.

    Anne Glenson looked crossly at her.

    “Stop everyone. What’s the matter, Holly?”

    “Miss I told you I had to go but you were having none of it. I’m nearly pissing myself.”

    Anne Glenson sighed.

    “Right, that does it. I’m calling this class to a halt. It’s nearly time anyway. Miss Worthington was right. You are a challenging lot to put it very mildly indeed. Working with you lot is an experience I’m unlikely to forget in a hurry although I’d be lying if I said it was a pleasure because that’s not the word which springs readily to mind. Now get out of my hair and to your supervised toileting. Class dismissed.”

  6. Proud Holders

    Chapter Seven

    Thursday Morning

    (All of the characters in this story are completely fictitious and any resemblance to real persons, living or otherwise, is entirely coincidental. Also all of the characters are well over the age of 18 – in fact the youngest is nearer 28.)

    “Good morning, everyone.”

    “Good morning Miss.”

    “It would seem everyone had a good night with no adventures to record – at least none detected by Matron’s bed inspection this morning. However I am less well pleased than I would like to be with Linsey Dawn and Holly. I had to placate an extremely irate Mrs Glenson yesterday evening and I have to tell you she was not in the slightest bit amused by your little performance in her class.
    In fact she felt very badly let down by your behaviour and, having heard about it, so do I.”

    Red faced and indignant that she was being picked on, Linsey Dawn felt she had no option but to protest.

    “It was a genuine accident, Miss. Honest. I just couldn’t hold it any longer. I was bursting and…”

    Before she could go further Miss Worthington interrupted.

    “Linsey Dawn, I would like to believe you but I’m really struggling. You’re a grown woman, for goodness sake, and you’ve worked in an industry where people have to hold it sometimes. All you had to do was hold it for half an hour until Mrs Glenson’s class was over. Furthermore you made no mention on your application form of any medical condition likely to cause urgency wetting. To be blunt Mrs Glenson thinks you did it deliberately either, as a form of attention seeking or, because you simply wanted to take the piss out of her. Luckily for you she was too tired – and had too little time – to discipline you as she wished and had to content herself with calling Matron. She’s made it very clear to me that she won’t tolerate that sort of behaviour again though – and that goes for all of you. As for you Holly, she just thinks you were showing off and out for attention.”

    Both women shouted out.

    “Miss that’s not fair!”

    “Be quiet, both of you. I don’t want to hear another murmur out of you. Understand? Right, now I promised everyone yesterday that today would be a different sort of day and so it will.
    We’ll continue our meeting have our morning refreshments at 10.45 as usual. However at 11.00 sharp we’re all leaving for a bit of a mystery tour. You never knew we had a minibus did you? Well we have. To save any arguments I’ll be driving but Matron will be keeping an eye on everyone in the back and if there’s any trouble it will dealt with firmly. There will be a stop somewhere on the coast for a fish and chip lunch at one o’clock and I will expect all students to drink either a small pot of tea with their meal of a 500ml bottle of some soft drink or other. Please note that there will be no toilet visits before we set off and I do not anticipate us taking any whilst we’re out.”

    Omar’s hand shot up.

    “What if we can’t hold it all day? I’m not usually too bad about holding but this sounds like a tall order to me.”

    “Omar, you’ll be fine. Trust me. The seats will have waterproof covers and if someone does wet themselves – so long as it’s a genuine accident and not a wind up – they won’t be any trouble.
    It will simply mean I have to do more work with them. Besides, it’s not as though I’m planning on us being late back anyway. With any luck we should be back here for half past four and we will then be going straight on to kegels. The object of today’s exercise is to retrain the connection between people’s brains and their bladders. None of you will be allowed to go to the toilet whilst we’re out but you will be doing some ‘mind over matter’ work. You’ll all need to pee at some point – I’m sure of it – but you’ll try and get your brains to send a signal to your bladders that it’s not a big deal. When your bladders get the message that it’s not a big deal – and I’m confident they will – you’ll be able to exercise control and hold so much more easily. Wet seats and wet pants won’t be a problem – they’re bound to happen to some people. Worrying needlessly about needing to pee will be. If you can’t control yourselves because you’re worrying about having an accident, the exercise will not have fulfilled its purpose.”

    “Right. If there are no more questions I think it’s about time for coffee. I hope everyone’s got some warm clothing. It’s a chilly day and the last time we had that minibus out the heating wasn’t working.”

  7. Proud Holders

    Chapter Eight

    Friday Afternoon

    (All of the characters in this story are completely fictitious and any resemblance to real persons, living or otherwise, is entirely coincidental. Also all of the characters are well over the age of 18 – in fact the youngest is nearer 28.)

    Miss Sarah sounded unusually pleased.

    “Well everything seems to have gone well so far – no puddles on seats or impassioned pleas for a toilet stop. I think everyone enjoyed the fish and chips didn’t they? Good. That’s why I thought we’d stop off here for a walk and burn off a few of those calories. Now, is everyone here? I’ll just do a quick head count. Hmm there’s one missing. Matron, where’s Anne?”

    “I’m afraid she won’t get off the bus.”

    “What do you mean won’t get off the bus?”

    “I’ve tried Miss Sarah but, honestly, she’s refusing to budge.”

    “Is she indeed? We’ll soon see about that. Right Matron, you take this lot for a walk. You only need take them along the river bank as far as the weir and back. It’s about a mile downstream so going at a brisk pace it shouldn’t take you more than half an hour so long as there aren’t any stragglers. Meanwhile I’ll deal with Anne.”

    Miss Sarah boarded the minibus and found Anne defiantly sat in her seat, arms crossed and clearly in no mood to co-operate.

    “Right young lady. What’s the meaning of this?”

    Anne looked up and glared at her.

    “If you really want to know Miss, I’m fed up with the whole course and, when we get back I want to pack my bags and leave. I’ve been thinking about the way you treated me on Tuesday morning for wetting the bed and I think you were mean to David for just doing what comes naturally. Also I thought the way you treated Andrew and Linsey Dawn was shameful. Miss, you’re nothing but a bully and I bet you play with yourself at night thinking about the humiliations you’ve dished out. Tell me you don’t get off on it, you fucking cow.”

    Miss Sarah sat next to her truculent student and eyed her with a calm but resolute gaze.

    “If I didn’t think you were worth the effort I’d have sent you packing for that monstrous outburst.
    I expect respect from my students and I won’t tolerate being sworn at or called a masturbator.
    Look Anne, if it’s what you really want you can pack your bags and leave the moment we get back. However as I warned you – and the other students – at the outset of this course, I have a duty of candour to agents and potential employers. I can’t say you’ll never work again but, if you leave this course now, any contracts you secure won’t be down to any help from me. Stick with it on the other hand, and do as you’re told, and I’ll give you nothing but glowing references.”

    Anne scowled.

    “There you go again, Miss. That’s nothing but blackmail and you’re a hateful, spiteful bitch. I hope it catches up with you one day.”

    Miss Sarah continued to eye Anne, her expression unchanged.

    “Right Anne, let’s get this straight. This isn’t blackmail. It’s tough love. All sorts of people come on this course from every walk of life you can imagine and some you can’t – or perhaps would rather not think about. They come in all shapes and sizes too. Most of them have got one thing in common though – they’ve all got egos bigger than any body parts they possess – including their bladders. If I’m to get them to achieve the level of bladder control they crave I’ve got to first retrain those egos. Unfortunately if you’re to make omelettes you’ve got to break a few eggs first. A fair number of my students have made it big in one way or another – except they haven’t mastered the art of controlling the need to wee so that it only ever happens when they want it to. Yes, most can control it up to a point – as can most healthy adults – but without my help they’ll not achieve the level of control they want or need. I’ve not had any failures yet and, if I have anything to do with it, it’s not going to happen anytime soon. I don’t get results though by being soft on people. Look I’ll do a deal with you. If you’ll stick with it and see the course out I promise I’ll not humiliate you in class again.”

    “Promise? What if I wet the bed?”

    “Anne, if you wet the bed I promise nothing will be said about in class. I give you my word.
    Now can I have it you’ll be staying with us until Sunday?”

    “Okay Miss – but if you break that promise I’ll get my boyfriend to sort you out. Trust me, if you mess me about he’ll make sure you never walk again!”

    Miss Sarah laughed.

    “Oh I am scared! So scared I’m nearly wetting my knickers – not. Anne, if you’re trying to threaten me you’ll have to try better than that. You’ve not got a boyfriend. I’ve seen the way you look at the other girls and I know one of my own kind when I spot one. You don’t think I waste second chances on straight girls do you?”

    “You mean to say you’re a…”

    “Yes I am, Anne, and proud of it. Don’t worry, your secret is quite safe with me – so long as you keep your side of the deal and stick this course out. Is that a deal?”

    “Okay. I suppose so. If you keep your word, Miss.”

    “I will, Anne. Good girl. It looks as though the others are heading back to the bus. I’d better make sure Matron’s not lost any. Oh and I do hope she’s not let any of them take a sneaky wee anywhere. She’s a big softie at heart – just like me!”

  8. Chapter Nine

    Saturday Morning

    (All of the characters in this story are completely fictitious and any resemblance to real persons, living or otherwise, is entirely coincidental. Also all of the characters are well over the age of 18 – in fact the youngest is nearer 28.)

    “Good morning everyone.”

    “Good morning Miss Sarah.”

    “Did everyone enjoy their bacon and eggs? I promised a full English breakfast for the weekend and made sure you got one. My colleagues and I were glad to see record quantities of tea and coffee being drunk. It pleased us enormously.”

    “Yes Miss.”

    “Well, moving on I’m delighted to say that yesterday went better than I expected – in fact it exceeded my wildest expectations. Never before have I taken a group on a mystery tour with full bladders in a chilly minibus for several hours and not had to deal with a single wetting. You are a determined lot aren’t you? Some of you were pretty desperate when we got back and, as I expected, Cathy was close to flooding her pants. Linsey Dawn and Charmaine were barely hanging on too as were Andrew and David. However, none of you actually wet yourselves and I’m proud of you.
    In fact I thought you performed so well I thought it might be worth having another outing today – this time a shopping trip. We might even have a wander round one of the historic cities for which the North of England is famous. We’ll be setting off at eleven after coffee and there will be no toilet visits ahead of boarding the bus. Has anyone any questions? Yes Holly?”

    “Miss that’s not fair! If I’d known we were going out again today I’d not have had four cups of coffee over breakfast.”

    “Holly, it will be alright. The rules will be the same as they were yesterday. No toilet visits will be allowed but no one will be told off, ridiculed or punished if they wet themselves. Do be aware that we’ll be in a city centre much of the time and other people may not be as understanding as I am if they spot a wet crotch. It’s Matron’s day off and Mrs Glenson will be escorting us in her place. As the ladies have already found out, she’s firm but fair. She’ll give short shrift to anyone holding themselves and saying they want a wee wee. Is that clear?”

    “Yes Miss.”

    “Good. I’m glad that’s understood. Now I think it’s about coffee time and we’ve got fifteen minutes – long enough for two large cups each I think.”

    (Later the same day)

    “You can stop right now, young man.”

    Anne Glenson glared down at Omar as he retrieved his hand from the inside of his pants. It wasn’t the first time he’d be caught enjoying a little solo pleasure and he suspected it wouldn’t be the last.

    “I’m sorry Miss. It’s just that I find it helps when I need to go.”

    Mrs Glenson scowled.

    “Omar, it might buy you time – twenty minutes or so in the short term – but surely you must know from experience that if you cum it’ll make you want to go worse. I’m not just a fitness instructor you know. Like Miss Worthington I used to work as a Urology nurse in Newcastle and I know everything there is to know about both male and female plumbing. We had our fair share of men who simply couldn’t leave themselves alone , even after delicate surgery, and they did themselves no favours at all. Now stop it or I’ll tie your hands behind your back. That goes for the rest of you by the way – this is a strictly ‘no fap’ excursion.”

    A trickling sound was heard as warm yellow pee ran off a nearby seat and Holly turned a bright shade of crimson. Anxiously she turned round and caught Mrs Glenson’s attention as she did so.

    “What’s the matter Charmaine?”

    “I’m sorry Miss but I’m afraid I’ve had an accident and I think there’s more to come.”

    Anne Glenson smiled at her shy, blushing student.

    “Hey, let’s have a look. Don’t worry, Charmaine. You are wet aren’t you? It’s alright. It’s okay to let it out if you genuinely can’t hold it. What matters is you’ve tried and done your best. Look, the front of your skirt seems to have survived and the back should dry easily enough once we get off the bus. You’ll soon get used to the feeling of walking around in wet knickers. I expect you’re used to it anyway.”

    Mrs Glenson felt a quiet sense of satisfaction. They’d been on the road for nearly two hours and, despite all the students having full bladders, she’d only had to deal with one wetting and nip someone else’s masturbation in the bud.

    “Right folks we’ve almost arrived. Miss Worthington will be parking up shortly. For the benefit of those who don’t know, this is the ancient walled city of Chester. I know the ladies are keen to get a little retail therapy in, there’s are plenty of interesting historic buildings in the centre and the Cathedral’s well worth looking at. Some of our students might feel more at home in the zoo though. When Miss Worthington’s parked up will split into two groups – she can supervise the ladies and I’ll keep an eye on the gentlemen for a change. Now has anyone got any questions?”

    “Yes Jonah?”

    “Where are the bathrooms Miss?”

    Anne Glenson laughed.

    “Bathrooms! How quaint. You yanks like your euphemisms don’t you? Look Jonah, the whole point of these trips is that you don’t ‘go to the bathroom.’ Don’t worry dear, we’ve already had one casualty today and I’m sure there will be more before we get back tonight.”

    “Okay Miss. I was only kidding. I’m only halfway to pissing myself. It’s not going to happen just yet.”

    “Good. I’m glad to hear it. I expect everyone’s ready for lunch so we’ll do that first. We’ll then meet somewhere central about two thirty. The ladies can then go shopping with Miss Worthington if that’s what they want to do and I can do something else if necessary with the gentlemen.”

    Omar piped up.

    “Miss can we find a toilet? I really need to go.”

    “No Omar. We’re not going near any toilets. If you leave your penis alone and think about something else for a change you’ll be alright. I know it’s difficult but you owe it to yourself to at least try. Right, let’s have no more of this nonsense. Which is it to be – Cathedral or Zoo? I believe there are coffee shops at both for anyone who’s thirsty. I know I’m ready for a large Americano with a sandwich or jacket potato.”

  9. Proud Holders

    Chapter Ten

    Sunday Morning

    (All of the characters in this story are completely fictitious and any resemblance to real persons, living or otherwise, is entirely coincidental. Also all of the characters are well over the age of 18 – in fact the youngest is nearer 28.)

    “Good morning everyone.”

    “Good morning Miss Sarah.”

    Miss Sarah eyed her students with a feeling of pride.

    “Firstly, I’m happy to say that no one had any nocturnal adventures last night. At least Matron and I uncovered no evidence to suggest it. Secondly, I think beyond doubt that yesterday’s outing was a success and went better than I ever expected. As I’m sure you’re all aware both Charmaine and Omar had accidents, neither of which surprised either Mrs Glenson or myself. However the rest of you stayed dry, despite having your bladders tested to the limit. I fully expected to have ten wet students by the end of the day so I think it’s pretty fair to say that the outcome way exceeded my expectations. Some, well most of you in fact, were pretty frantic by the time we got back especially, Cathy, Holly, Jack and Jonah. However we still managed to have a reasonably good kegels session all the same with some nice, controlled peeing. You seem to have taken on board the skills I’ve been trying to instil all week. We’ll do some more kegels after coffee and then some gentle aerobics with Mrs Glenson. She doesn’t normally come in on a Sunday but she’s agreed to pop in specially this morning to do a little work with you. After excelling yourselves yesterday she felt you needed rewarding with a little extra help today. She has intimated that she expects Charmaine and Omar to get through her lesson with dry pants though. Now has anyone any questions?”

    “Yes Omar?”

    “Miss, have Charmaine and I failed as a result of what happened yesterday?”

    “No Omar. Neither have you have failed. It just means that you’ve both got more work to do. That’s all. Both of you have learned to test your bladders in a controlled way and, importantly, you both now know how to do kegels which are an excellent form of pelvic exercise. That can – and will – make you both stronger in the long run. I have to say to everyone here, remember what you’ve learnt this week and keep up your exercises when you go home. Now if no one’s got any more questions I think it’s about time for coffee.”

    (Later the same day after lunch)

    “Good afternoon, everyone.”

    “Good afternoon, Miss.”

    “Well class, we’ve now reached what for me is a bittersweet moment in the week’s proceedings.
    It’s now time for me to present the Proud Holder Awards but I have a few words to say first, although I’ll try not to detain you any longer than necessary. First of all, you’ve been an amazing t bunch of students who’ve surprised and delighted me in equally measure with your determination to succeed and cheeky little personalities. I would like congratulate both Jack and Jonah who’ve shown exceptional courage in facing their own particular issues and given me no trouble at all. Also I would like to pay a special tribute to Anne who nearly left us but in the end showed both courage and good sense by sticking the course out. Cathy, Holly and Linsey Dawn, when you first arrived I thought you’d enrolled because you thought it would be a laugh. Despite the challenges you faced – including some wettings whilst you’ve been with us – you’ve all done astonishingly well and taken the course far more seriously than I ever expected you would. Andrew, after a bit of a false start I was impressed by the way in which you knuckled down and got on with it, especially after that non-accidental wet bed. Life in the forces must have taught you something. Omar and Charmaine, you’ve both done very well despite yesterday’s little setbacks. Remember what I taught you and stick with it. Omar, you must remember in particular what Mrs Glenson told you about the detestable vice of masturbation. I know all the gentleman will fap when they get home tonight but it will do you know harm to be reminded about the counter productive effects of that bad habit. David, I’m not forgetting you. Despite a shaky start you’ve been a good student. Now if you’ll all come to the front in turn – one at a time please – to collect your certificates I’d be most grateful. That ladies and gentlemen, concludes the formalities and you’ll then be free to go. I’m sure you’re all eager to get your bags packed and leave, although I’m going to miss you all terribly. Oh, and by the way, if anyone’s thinking of paying a precautionary visit before leaving, forget it – the bathroom’s locked!”


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