Prolonged Potty training

Does anyone remember from their childhood, about still using the potty even when they should have stopped


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  2. it was complicated for me, there was a potty in my room for use if the bathroom was occupied, but when i was in diapers and plastic pants i was told not to use it because i always put the nappy and pants on wrongly and the bed got wet.

  3. This seems to have moved away from potty training,to potty use. In a house we stayed in there was only a toilet at the bottom of the garden-shared by two families. No one liked going “down the garden” when it was dark or raining and children sometimes could’t wait if they lest it too log or the toilet was occupied. There was a potty in each bedroom and a couple strategically placed downstairs. These were used quite openly -adults would whistle as they did a wee in the one at the back of the kitchen and the kids would just squat on the nearest one. Dad would often pick the pot up to use it and mum usually sat on it with her panties down and her skirt around her.

  4. I used to deliberately keep my underwear up on the toilet sometimes. I was about 8 or 9. Then when I hit 11-13 I’d do it in my briefs under my school uniform trousers when I was at home.

  5. My mother had a terrible time getting me out of nappies. I was only just out of them during the day in time to start school even then I often wet my self.

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