Product Review – Microfiber boxers

I just bought some microfiber boxers today and have tried them out.  The names of the companies are deliberately misspelled to thwart accidental google hits

I went to the store chain in the US (sounds like Coals) and bought Crotch & Barrel brand shorts.  These are 100% polyester and come in a variety of colors.  I have camoflage, maroon , forest green, and red on black plaid.

They are very comfortable and it is easy to forget that you are wearing anything, which says a lot coming from somebody whom rarely uses underwear. There is a single button on the fly to hold it closed, so it wont open up on you when you don’t want it too.

  Absorbency – 1 of 5.  It’s 100% polyester, no surprise here, but because of this, they will dry fast, especially since they are light and airy.  If you wear these against jeans, the jeans will dry them out without soaking through.  Great for hiking gear where drying out soon is convenient.
  Dick allowance.  4 of 5.  If your’s likes the center, there is no decision that has to be made when you put them on.  They will stay there with freedom of movement anywhere when worn at the normal height.
  Showing – 3 of 5.  They are sort of dark colored so it is hard to notice wetness at first, especially with camoflage.

  Holding ability – 1 of 5.  No shelf like you see in cheap boxer briefs you might buy at huge retailers.  Any loss of control you have is going to take the “fork in the road” and go sliding down your leg for you to end up kicking all over the place while you walk.
 Soak Through – 1 of 5. It will probably show immediately.

Right now, buy one get one half off which brings them to $9 a pair before tax when you buy two packs of two.

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  1. I have some Microfibre underwear. I’ll need to upload some pictures. I fund em great for accidents. I also find things get very sweaty down there!

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