potty Training Jonathan

Johnathan was the new guy and as being new the boss makes all the newbie guys partake in an bazaar initiation. it was 10pm and Johnathan was at his boss’s front door ready to go as asked Johnathan wasn’t wearing any underwear. The door opened and Jonathan was invited in and handed a tall glass of wine to drink; the wine was cloudy and odd looking but Johnathan wanted to please his boss to fit in with his new job. as Johnathan drank his wine his boss told him to go into the room across the hall where his initiation was going to begin,. Johnathan began to walk down the hall when his felt a small fart slip out of him “thurpt”he made his way to the rom and to Johnathan’s surprise the room looked like an infants room with baby toys, a changing table, a twin bed with baby mickey mouse sheets on the bed a pair of goodnites potty training underwear for boys.

Johnathan’s boss came right behind him and forcibly strip Johnathan out of his suit and into the pari of goodnities and then tied Johnathan’s hands behind his back. His boss told him what his initiation was going to be ” So i read your resume and it says your a man of patience and restarint well were going to see about” his boss walks over to a close and pulls out a potty training toilet for toddlers “I also asked around work and found out a dirty little secrete that you’re lactose intolerant its a shame that wine had a splash of dairy in it” John felt his bowels begin to bloat as the dairy was going to work on his system causing farts to slip out of his clinched ass hole “thrust THUURRPT” Jonathan danced around trying to fight the urge to expel his bowls. “What kind os sick perv are you?” Johnathan asked his boss “if your going to work for me you need to be well potty trained with lactose, the keys to the hand confuses are hidden somewhere in this room; find them and free yourself to pull down your nites to use the potty like a big boy and you’ll be not only hired but promoted; fail to find the keys and you’ll be fired thrown out in your shit covered nites”.

Hi boss placed the potty on the floor and walked out the room and locked the door behind him leaving Johnathan with a server case of bubble guts as he bent over trying to fight a huge wet fart as hit fired it way through him “thurpt-uRRRRRPt” Johnathan scrabble the howl room whine in pain of his bloated bowels grew . Johnathan bowels were ready to explade and he still hadn’t found the keys yet “THURPT-Thurpt-thURPT-thurpt-THURRRRRRRPT” Jonathan could’t take it anymore and tried to yank the back of his nites down while his hands were still hand cuffed, Johnathan quickly lifted up the seat of the potty and fell down onto it as his bowels forced a massive flow of shit into the potty. in embarrassment his bowels were so bloated full that the potty overflowed covering his ass and the floor his his shit. as another wave a shit flew out of Johnathan and into the potty it overfloded again and to Jonathan’s surprise he was shocked to feel a set of keys press up against his ass hole as they floated in his load os shit in the potty.

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