Potty princess

this is a true story that happened only 3 months ago with a dominant 20 year old princess i know. for this story im going to refer to her as Princess p

(at this point i had only been a toilet for one other woman and she barely pooped, just a few small farts and a small turd)

i had known princess P for a while, i would pay her a few hundred dollars once week to come over after school and watch netflix at my place. her school is on the way home so its really convenient for her. shes very dominant and right away loved the role of a dom.

usually i just massage and kiss her soft feet as she hangs out and uses her laptop on the couch and when she feels a fart coming she always sticks her big bubble bum into my face so i can smell it. shes really lactose intolerant but puts up with the tummy aches because im paying her.

her farts are always vary vary warm but only have a light shitty smell. nothing too crazy but i still loved it!

one night i was texting with her, arranging our next date to hang out when i got a bit ballsy


heres the text convo:

jimmy: would you ever be willing to do a bit more?

princess p: ur kidding right?

princess p: i’d never fuck you im not a hooker

jimmy: no no no… i mean like…. lol im embarrassed. but id never ask you for sex princess

princess p: ???

princess p: u dont have to be shy with me u kno tht

jimmy: would you ever take a shit on me?

… (like 3 mintues of silence with no reply which got me worried)

jimmy: im really sorry, i didnt mean to offend you or anything, i take it back, im sorry


princess P: i was laughing so hard! i couldnt reply!!!!!! r u for real???

jimmy: yes!!!!!

princess p: how much extra? $$$

jimmy: double?

princess p: perfect

princess p: i hope you dont regret this lmao!

jimmy: i wont! its been a dream of mine for a long time

jimmy: i have a camping toilet here i can use that you can sit on and not touch me at all! so youll be comfortable

princess p: so u did this before?

jimmy: no no no .. just anticipating it happening hahah (i lied)

princess p: sureeeeeee….. toilet bitch lol

princess p: so thursday 4?

jimmy: i swear

and sure sounds great princess!


Thursday afternoon

princess p: my stomachs been so bloated all day! do you want me to eat a mcflurry before i come over slave?

jimmy: yes!!!!! im so sorry your tummy hurts princess

princess p: send me 20$ extra to my email, i might get a burger too!

jimmy: yes princess!


she got here around 430 and i had everything set up, i laid a towel on the floor and my portable toilet set up on top. check the picture below. i cut out the bottom which is really simple and line the inside with a plastic bag then i lay with my head inside. i do this not only for the mess but also to try and limit the smell that reaches the users nose.

she hugged me like she always does and walked in dropping her heavy bag into my arms without even looking or asking. she was wearing her cotton purple tights and grey guns and roses tshirt. immediately she walked to the bathroom to check out the toilet as she laughed at the top of her lungs.

“omg i cant believe im doing this! i cant believe your doing this!”

i got on my hand and knees behind her standing in the bathroom doorway

“i know its strange but thank you… i really appr

she cut me off and pushed her butt out towards my face, her round cheeks jiggled slightly in her loose cotton tights

“QUICKLY I HAVE A FART” she yelled

i leaned forward digging my nose between her warm cheeks. i took a light sniff and almost pulled back a tiny bit. i had smelled her ass many many times in the past but was a bit surprised how strong her asshole was today, suddenly i felt it, a burning hot fart soaking into the material of her pants and forcing its way into my nose. it was rancid. it smelt like one of those farts you get after holding in shit for a whole day, i held back the urge to gag as i sniffed deep trying my hardest to enjoy it. i leaned back as she cackled and jiggled her ass

“hows it smell?”

i leaned forward and kissed her asscheek lightly

“really really good princess, alot stronger then usual”

she turned around and walked to my couch and plopped down and started packing a bowl for herself

“i skipped showering today, i figured it was okay since im going to shit on your fucking face

she could barely get the words out without bursting into a fit of laughter

we hung out for a bit smoking and watching t.v ad i rubbed and massaged her feet when she sat up right, kicked me in the chest and said

“its time…. quickly… go get set up, you have 1 minute!”

my heart was racing.. i practically ran to the bathroom and laid down sliding my head into the hole i had made in the side of the plastic bag. i adjusted the toilet above me making sure it was sealed totally around me and i waited…

as she walked up she didnt even look in, i just saw her fat cheeks jiggling as she yanked down her pants. she had to slide her fingers under the bands of her thong and peel it out from between her thick cheeks, i was so hard. she sat down, and adjusted, spreading the fat of her ass out of the way and exposing her cute little pink asshole, i laid about 6 inches underneath her and i could already feel and smell the heat coming from her asshole, it also looked a bit greasy.

i laid there staring at her asshole as it puckered open and closed, i gently reached for her ankle and began to massage, suddenly i felt her bare sole crash down on my wrist pinning my hand to the flooor and she yelled


i laid there motionless and so turned on

i started to fear that maybe she wouldn’t be able to poop when suddenly her asshole exploded open. she let loose a long long hissing warm fart that must have lasted 8 seconds. it was like death… the smell of pure sulfur and shit cooking for days. it wasnt a good fart like the ones i masturbate thinking of often. this was just too much. i gagged and choked as she farted again and again each one getting warmer as i actually got a bit dizzy from the lack of air. she planted both of her soft soles on my stomach and i heard her playing some game on her iphone.

for a moment i debated maybe asking her to get up, i felt a bit sick from her gas even though i had a huge erection. i was too late thought, she started pushing and i saw the head of a thick dark brown log emerging. it was so wide, she grunted as her asshole spread larger and larger as i watched in pure horror, once the head of the monster was through the log slid out easy, only the tip was hard though. the tail of the 8 inch turd turned a bright yellow and was mushy and smelled like death. it slid right over my face landing over my eye with the soft tail hanging into my open mouth.

the smell was indescribable. like pure hot sulfur and rotten diary. i gasp for air under her as the taste of the turd seeped into my mouth, i didnt want to move my mouth in fear of tasting more of her turd. i was literally shaking as i felt her clammy soles gripping and pushing on my chest. her asshole pulsed and opened as she let loose a torrent of farts followed by a semi solid half liquid stream of her yellow shit. i gagged and choked as it filled my mouth to the brim in less then a second. it was like diarrhea but much thicker and burning hot. i turned my head to the side choking and gagging as she continued to shit down the side of my face and over my ear. i was literally in hell.

i could hear her moaning as she rubbed her soles over my sweating and shaking chest (you know that sweaty cold feeling you get before your about to puke, i felt that badly)

“you dont feel so good toilet”

she jokingly mocked me as she pushed and strained letting out a few spurts of liquid shit over the side of my face. i had my head turned sideways desperately breathing through my mouth into a huge pile of her soft yellow shit trying not to vomit while she was above me. i saw her hand reach back as she wiped a few times dropping the paper over my head after each wipe. she also let out a loud gag as she spread her legs to wipe and the smell escaped and hit her.

she quickly got up and left slamming the door behind her clearly trying to get away from the absolutely horrid smell.

(honestly.. at that exact moment i regret my decision. i felt so so so sick from the smell and just the experience. i never thought that such a beautiful girl would be able to shit like that.) i pulled my head out of the bag absolutely covered in her shit gagging and trying to keep things clean, i tore off the bag with her shit in it and bundled it up with the filthy towel and put it in another plastic bag. i jumped into the shower and began to frantically wash my head trying to get all of her shit off of me, even after shampooing my hair 3 times i was still finding clumps of her crap hidden. after almost 45 minutes of showering and cleaning i came out of the bathroom holding the big plastic bag of garbage only to find princess p still sitting on my couch smoking!

i was surprised because she had said she was going to leave right after

“hey” i said to her a bit surprised

“how was it?” she asked with a shit eating grin on her face

not wanting to offend her and break up this awesome thing we have going i lied

“i loved it! i rubbed my stomach jokingly

“YOU ATE IT????” she asked in shock

“not all of it, but probably half?” i lied to her again

“omg. go brush your teeth like 10,000”

she wasn’t joking but i already had brushed my teeth multiple times trying to get the taste of her shit out of my mouth. i brushed again and came out to sit on the floor by her feet

“i thought you were leaving right after?” i asked

“i was going to, but my stomach still hurts so much, im going to need to shit again soon and i dont want to stop at a dirty public restroom on the way home… lucky you”

i really quickly interjected

“id love that princess, but i just showered and im honestly a bit full

lol would you be able to just use the normal toilet?”

“yea whatever” she laughed while packing a bowl “i knew it would be too much for you”

we both laughed and talked a bit more as we smoked and hung out, when suddenly she got up and walked to the bathroom closing the door. i turned up the t.v a bit and smoked some weed trying not to listen to her in the bathroom honestly i was getting sick just thinking about the smell of her shit. after about 10 minutes i got a text from her.


slave…. someones in trouble….

what did i do?

wheres your toilet paper???

(i just realized then i had used the last of my toilet paper cleaning up some water i had splashed on the floor during my shower)

i don’t think there is any princess… im so sorry.. give me a minute.. ill find something

(i heard the toilet flush and the fan turn on and my phone chimed, i read the text and it said come in)


i crawled into the bathroom and immediately was hit by the familiar smell of her shit, it stung the inside of my nose and lungs as i opened my mouth to try avoiding it, i looked up to see her kneeling on the toilet with her red hair draped above her round pale ass cheeks facing me. the center of her ass crack had a big smear of bright yellow and brownish shit with more spread on the insides of her ass cheeks from when she stood up to turn on the bathroom fan.

“i need to go so be quick” she said with her big ass still facing me

i was literally shaking, my arms trembled as i crawled forward, i made sure my tongue was covered in spit as i licked hard up her shit covered asshole, she moaned load

“i should keep you at home so i can do this everyday”

i let out a fake moan as i re-moistened my tongue and licked the shit from her ass cheeks as i heard a shutter sound and saw her phone over her shoulder facing me.

“keep going, quick”

i kept licking, inspecting to see that her ass was clean a lot quicker then i thought it would be

“all done princess”

i knelled back as she stood up and rubbed her ass cheeks.

“give me your shirt” she demanded

i took of my shirt as she roughly rubbed it between her ass cheeks digging it into her ass. she took it out and threw it to me with a big brown stain on it.

“your also shit at being toilet paper. DO BETTER ”

“im sorry princess”

she washed her hands took a bunch of my weed and left without saying a word.

i still have the shirt and no i haven’t washed it XD

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  1. Great story. My fantasy too but not with someone who is lactose intolerant. Have you ever gotten another woman to do that for you? Thanks for sharing

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