Potty Practicing

Been praticing not to use the potty and to use my diaper more recently (since im moving into my own apartment very soon!!) So today I had a giant poo inside me. I didn’t even know! I had spent the whole day by myself using my diaper for wetting. I decided to go up to room with some snacks. So while I was lounging around I felt something huge in my bowels. Suddenly a horrible cramp hit me and I knew it had to be a huge poo. I pushed hard and nothing came out. Then it stopped and came back. I pushed even harder and the load slowly started moving. It was painful the whole way through but at the same time nice… finally after five minutes of struggling the biggest dump ive had in a while came out and I was so relieved. I squirmed around and sat in it for a good two hours  and kept adding more poos till I decided to clean up. Definitely lots of fun and the best diaper poo I’ve had in a while. Hopefully this continues and my diaper will soon be my potty at my apartment. 

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  1. Hi,Jamie. Just found U & this experience! Mmmmm, that was really nice. I’ve also had some large poops in my jockey shorts — I agree, it does feel really good. A couple of my clips have large poops in them. Don’t know if U’r into vids, or not, but if U are, U might check ‘me out. Tnx for the little experience (big experience?). ;-{p~~~

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