Potty Pee

This is a fond memory of a friend I had at school.

His name was Scott, we was about average size for his age with blond hair. We were both in the same year at school and this story took place when we were both about 10. He would come to my house quite often after school and we would play on my Nintendo for a few hours and he would have dinner with us, but one afternoon he asked if I wanted to come back to his. As he only lived around the corner I said sure, so after checking with my mum we headed off. When we got to his house his mum was in the kitchen with his younger brother who was only about 4. We played for a while and his mum brought us in some dinner (chicken drummers I seem to remember) after we had eaten he announced that he needed to pee so he disappeared for a couple of minutes and came back with his brother’s potty!! He put the potty down in the middle of the room (in front of me) and sat on it, after a few seconds I could hear him pissing and I remember getting a strange feeling! When he had finished he got up but didn’t pull his pants up and carried the potty and emptied it in the kitchen and came back into the living with the potty and some kitchen towel which he wiped his dick with then pulled up his pants and shorts and said ‘your turn’. I didn’t really know what to do, so I said I didn’t need to go, secretly desperate to sit on the potty and pee in front of him. He didn’t seem bothered so we played for a couple more hours and I went home, he never mentioned it again and I never said anything even low I really wanted to!

I think this is when my interest in wetting began, how I wish I could go back to those days!

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  1. kids know pee isnt embarasing.. its only after they turn into grown ups that they start thinking that

    potties are great, there was one in the church bathroom when i was 11.. alot of the times i had wet underpants by the time i got there.. i guess i felt more like a 4yr old then a 11yr old comeing into the bathroom with a wet spot.. i peed in the same place the 4yr olds would be peeing….it felt better that way

  2. when i was young my freind and me used to do this but we used to pull our shorts down pee in the potty through our panties then pull our shorts back up over wet panties,we would wet out side like this on nice warm days through the summer lovely memories.

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