Potty mouth

I woke up in a room, my hands tied behind my back, a gag straped in my mouth, and goggles on. I screamed into the gag, it was no use. I was in a bathroom with a plastic sheet under me. I only had panties on. Then, a naked girl came in. I struggled as mutch as posible, but no use, I was also chained to the wall. Who was she? What did she want with me? Soon my questions would be awncered. 

“My name is mistress, and that is what you will know me by. You are my slave. When you are bed, you will be punished, when you are good, you will be rewarded. Forget every thing you know, it doesn’t matter any more. You are Toilet, you are my toilet, and that is all.” She then squatted over me. “To prove this, I will use you.” She took a deep breath and proceeded to piss. It got in my hair, running down my goggles, soaking into my gag, making it tast like piss, dripping down my chin and puddling at my boobs. It was warm, and I kind of liked it. “See, toilet, nothing more.” She took out my gag and opens my mouth. “Now I want you eating every bit if this! Ir you will be punished”
“Yes mistress.” She smiled at my cooperation and squated over my open mouth. I heard a few crinkles as I saw a brown log exiting her ass. I used my tung to guid it to my mouth… To be continued.

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