Post work Mudding

So today during work it poured rain for most of the afternoon.  People tromping into the bank dripping wet all afternoon gave me a little something to get excited about. I was doing just fine, working my way through the day, when a hot young group of construction workers came in to cash their checks.  I watched them cross the lobby leaving a trail of dripping mud with them as the went.  Work boots, tall white socks, fit tight calves, all dripping with mud, as they no doubt just came from a work site where they were caught up in the rain.  Immediately I let a spurt of hot piss fly from my cock and soak the inside of my Calvin briefs.  Stopping myself before I got out of control at work, I made a mental note to remember these guys later. 

By the time the end of my shift came I was crazy horny, entire pouch of my briefs soaked with the piss I kept leaking.  On the way home I decided to take the scenic route.  Normally I can take the freeway the entire way, but remembering the mud scene from the afternoon I decided to see how wet and flooded the dirt roads around me were.  Before I know it I’m on a completely deserted road, puddles of mud all around me, slipping my dress shoes off and leaving them behind as I step out of the car into a particularly wet pile of mud, letting it squish into my new dress socks, soaking up every possible bit. 

I spent a moment or two walking around the car in my mud soaked socks, my suit pants dragging in the mud as I went, then it hit me, this is my least favorite suit, I am considering getting rid of it, why not send it off in style.  I grabbed a towel from my back seat and threw it over the driver’s seat because I knew I might have to make a quick dash back the car lest I be seen.  Before I know it I’m lunging onto my knees, then my chest, sliding all around in the slippery wet mud.  Arms, chest, waist, thighs, knees, feet, entirely covered in mud.  I roll onto my ass and drag myself through it.  My bladder explodes, releasing a hot gush of piss down my mud drenched balls and ass crack, pooling a new puddle of piss mud underneath me.  I undo my fly and send my hand reaching for my balls and ass when my ass explodes as well, filling my mud soaked white Calvin briefs with a shit I didn’t even know was there.  Just when I thought I could explode on thoughts alone I heard a car coming, not wanting to get caught wanking it in a shit piss mud filled dirt road I dash for the car and act like all is well, feeling my shitty mud load squash up my back.

The next time minute drive home was amazing, allowing the piss, mud, and shit to soak into me.  Once home I go right for the back yard to a spot in the yard that always floods when it rains and splash down into it, writing on my back as I shoot a load straight into the air. 

Shower time next, it didn’t take long for me to get hard again reliving it while I scrubbed the mud and shit of my ass and another quick wank later I shot one more memorable load against the shower wall.

A successful day, if I might say so.

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