Portaloo Rendezvous

A few weeks ago a guy messaged me on Grinder. One thing les to another and we decided to have a rendezvous. I met him near the big Sainsbury’s and we went on a walk to try and find somewhere we could go. He was just looking for a bj so we didn’t need too much space. We followed the river for a little in search of somewhere. We walked past a big empty car park that seemed to have random stuff round the edges: containers, portaloos, huge boxes etc and so he puled me up against one of the containers, out of sight of the car park but in full view of the river walk and sucked me off. Hot stuff haha. Then I returned the favour

He then said we should move as a few people were coming down the river walk and I think it would have been a little awks to explain why to guys were sucking each other off in the open haha. So we bumbled through all the stuff along the edge and came to the portaloo which he thought would be a good place as it was small and even had a door. Thankfully it was clean and seemed to have just been left there

So we squeezed inside and he told me to get naked which I did. Then he took off his trousers and boxers and sat down on the loo. He was semi and was smiling┬áslyly (in hindsight) and said for me to suck him off. So mouth went round his dick and as I set to work he started breathing and tensing.. good signs I guess and then I felt a spurt. I’m amazing at bjs but that would be a record haha And then a river squirted out and started to fill my mouth and dribble down my bare chest as he pissed hard into my mouth and over my face and body. Of course I carried on sucking as much as possible through this and ended up in achieving a more traditional ending. It was so hot as I knelt there covered in piss and fresh cum

He hadn’t asked if I liked pee, so I think e was surprised that my dick went rock hard and I lapped it up as much as I did. haha oh how little people can tell about other people :p

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