Poor Boy

I should say this not a story. I just want to say something that maybe we ever think about.

I think it’s really poor if there’s a man that never pee in pants. As we know it feels good, makes turn on, makes happy, etc. Why they don’t try this?
Or for man that ever pee in pants specially accidently because can’t find bathroom or hold too long but doesn’t enjoy, it so redundant. What do you think?

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  1. I t could be that our parents teach us not to use our pants and most people think there parents are always right. But some of us just know better

  2. It’s because sexuality is a diverse and complicated thing. One kink – and yes, this is a kink – may be enjoyable to one person, but not to another. I know people who get turned on by feet, or furries – but I don’t, and that’s OK. Because everyone has their own preferences.

  3. I like to pee and poo my pants but the poo takes to long to clean up so I don’t do that even know I like to

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