Poopyt walk to the mail box

I’d been holding this one since Monday. I decided I’d walk out to the road and pick up my mail, a total round trip of about 1/4 mile. About halfway down the hill to the mail box, I couldn’t hold it any longer. The first surge exploded into my pants. When it finally stopped I pushed the remainder into my pants before continuing to the box. This was a huge load of really mushy poop, and it kind of overwhelmed the capacity of my underpants. So, I felt some slide down my leg as I continued walking. I made it to the mail box and got the mail. I lost some more down my leg as I walked back up the hill. I was so messy, that I only stayed messy long enough to take a Flip video. I cleaned up and washed the clothes I had on before coming back here to post the experience. Several snapshots are posted in the male scat section. They aren’t as messy as most of the ones there, but you can clearly see the poop coming out of the leg hole on my underpants,.

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