poopy pants

pulled some plastic pants over my regular underwear when i got up this morning.

I had already let some huge spurts of piss go while i was having breakfast.

Then had to get my wifes car off the drive.

As i stood by the door waving her off to work, i had a huge dump in my underwear accompanied by a great pee.

Doing it in full view of anyone looking felt fantastic, and no one would know because the plastic pants held it all in place.

Had a good wank when i cleaned up in the shower later


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  1. Great! I did about the same this morning but without plastic pants and not in public. First wetting new bermuda shorts and afterwards a huge dump in my underwear, something I do rarely but I understand why so many guys like it. Right now I am again wetting my denim shorts with no undie this time. Also wanking!

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