Poopy Pants at a Rock Concert

I went to a concert last night to see Ace Frehley at a small club in Nashua, New Hampshire.  It was a great show, although the sound folks at the venue didn’t do a great job, Ace wasn’t pleased with the monitors, the sound levels were way too high for such a small venue, but aside from the technical difficulties, it was a cool show!

I didn’t post a story on here to tell you about a concert, but rather to tell you of the interesting happenings at said show.  There were two opening bands at the show, local bands from what I gathered.  The first was already in session when I got there, they were pretty good too!  A bit simplistic, basic rock music, basic rock lyrics, but they abosolutely loved being up there on stage!  Great energy from them, not to mention the front man was hot! lol

The second band that went on, was an interesting act.  They were a band that have been together for sometime, so they knew eachother well it seems, they were in a good groove, but musically didn’t have too much that really stood out, until the last 2 songs.  I think the vibe of the room wasn’t reflecting well with the band, the room was ready for Ace Frehley… kind of a shame the band didn’t get a chance.

While on stage, this band’s front man at one point acknowledged that someone near the left side of the stage had obviously shit themselves!  I thought he was just trying to joke with the crowd, and laughed it off and didn’t think anything of it.  I just watched the band, and was kinda taken by the lead guitarist.  He was quite cute, and talented as well!  It’s a shame the sound folks didn’t have him loud enough to hear properly.  As I was admiring this guitarist, I began to have some dirty thoughts of him, and watched them break down after their set.  They took their gear to the back of the room, near where I was standing, and when this guitarist walked by with his gear, I got a strong whiff of shit.

I couldn’t figure out if the smell was coming from him, or someone that was standing near him.  I turned around to see him standing with his back toward me, and saw that he was wearing a nice pair of ass jeans, and he was working them jeans!!  I also noticed that the jeans weren’t hugging his ass crack the way they should, as if something were in his undies.  I also happened to be with someone that night (just a friend), so I didn’t try to aproach him, as my friend would have followed.  I saw a moment when my friend wasn’t paying attention, so I looked back to see if the guitarist was still there, but he had already gone.  I’d like to find out who this band was, and see them again.  If I run into a similar situation, then I’ll really be interested in talking to him!

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  1. just did a search for you and the names of the groups that were there with him was "Watts" and "Owner of the Circus" hope this helps and hot story btw

  2. Just checked out "Watts" and they have a facebook page with pics from last nights show..dont know if this is the group or if its the other one…they have a facebook too but no group pics that I could find.

  3. Comment jouer en scène quand il a une forte envie de pisser ou de chier, il n’a pas le choix que de faire sur lui …

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