Poopy homework !

Three days ago, my GF told I should clean all our house shutters and repair a few of them. So I did start that my housekeeping duties.

For that purpose, I put on one of my old skintight stretch skinny jeans (actually a DIESEL “STICKKER”) size W29) that closely hugg my ass and legs like a second, painted-on, skin and also nicely show my crotch bulge !

I was working, climbed on a ladder, when I started to feel gassy bowel movements in my belly… I cut a few loud and stinky farts but I had the feeling the last one not only released smelly gas but also a small load of sticky poop that got stuck in my asscrack… I checked my asscrack with my fingers and, yeaahh indeed, I could feel that little soft poopy guy in my asscrack.. I strongly push up my tight jeans stretchy denim deep and high in my asscrack and buttcheeks so the soft poop would spread more… now my tight jeans were really “poop-glued” to my ass… I though that was the end of it and I could stay like this until the end of my work ! However, the feeling of that small poop load in my jeans (by the way, I just had a micro g-string under the jeans… now the string was coated with soft poop I guess !) slowly made me horny and my croch bulge started to inflate and harden… !

However, that was not to be the end of it… after about 30 min or so, I again felt heavy belly cramps, I released a few others stinky farts, with grungling wet bubbly noises and all of a sudden… oh my god… I filled-up m y skintight jeans with a huge load of semi-liquid, diarrheic like brown-yellowish poop that quickly soaked my jeans butt and started to run down my thighs !! Oohh that was both a terrible bt sooo sweet and fantASStic feeling… Then I realised I also need urgently to pee… since my poor jeans were already ruined and soaked with stinky semi-liquid poop… I just let it go fully in my jeans, thinking for myself “well, at least, it will wash away and rinced part of that poop !

After peeing, I started to rub my dick under my pee-poop soaked filhty jeans and I immediately got rock-hard !! Unexpectedly, my GF returned from shopping earlier than I had expected and she stared at me, high on my ladder, so she surely had a fantASStic view of my peed and pooped skintight jeans ass !

She shouted “Woooww… what did you do… you dirty pig ? .. Yeaah I see, you had kind of run in your skintight jeans and, then, you “rinced”your jeans with pee… Mmmm… well, I know you love it, don’t you dirty naughty boy ?”… Then I turned and she said… “Hey, I was right, you are horny, my lovely pig… look at that huge long hard bulge in your stinky, filthy slutty tight jeans… Mmmm, ooh, that makes me horny too… I feel it, my pussy is dripping wet in my slutty ultra-skintight jeggings !! ” (she was wearing painted-on, ultra-skintight skinny jeans, or jeggings, of pale faded-dirty denim color)

She started to rub her crotch trhough the thin strechy jeans material and I soon saw a large wet spot forming and quickly growing on her crocth : she was peeing her jeans ! .. She bent over to nicely show her lovely curvy, juicy booty that quickly darkened too as the pee continues to flow all over… !! Oooh… I was ready to explode and I couldn’t refrain from dumping another small mushy, soft poop load in my already pooped and peed stinky jeans.

I told her…” Honey, I know you don’t like it too much and hat you rarely does it on purpose, but, please, just for this time… since your spreayed-on jeggings are already pee-soaked, please… ooh please, could you try to poop your jeans for me…? ”

“Well, she answered, OK, just once… I will try… ” She started to puh as strong as she could, wiggling her lovely pee-soaked jeans butt… she first cut a few stinky farts and, oh miracle, I saw her stretchy painted-on jeggings butt seat bulging under the pressure of her poop….! ” She was moaning : Mmmm.. oohhh yeah, can’t believe it…I am pooping my jeans, ohhh yeahhh oohhh… but now I am horny like hell, she almost screamed… now I urgently need your hard pee and poop smelling cock deep into my creamy cunt and my shitty tight asshole.”

I quickly step down my ladder… she downed her pee-soaked stinky leggings and bent -over… I first fuck her in her cunt … she came a first time and then, I squeezed my hard throbbling cock in her lovely shitty asshole… her soft poop actually was the best lubricant I could find… my cock was deeply penetrating her shit-filled asshole with no much effort…
Oooohh my god, that was sooo GREAT, AWESOME… we both violently came together.. ! I had just opened my jeans fly but kept my tight jeans on, so while jerking-off I couldn’t stop shitting my jeans again.

And you know what ?.. We were both so happy and naughty, horny again that we didn’t wash immediately, we both pull-up our filthy peed, pooped and cummed jeans and we stay edin them all day long… Just dropping them two or thee times… for other very hot, naughty, filthy and sticky fuck-fuck sessions.

Below is a pic of my filhty jeans..

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