This is a fiction story I wrote for a Swedish friend.

It was a bright sunny morning as Lisa Faltskog woke up and looked out of her window at the sea just a short walk from her parents’ house in Ystad in the south of Sweden.In a few hours she would be setting off for her great adventure with her best friend Agnetha Anderssen in the early afternoon,first taking a ferry to Travemunde in Germany.From there a train ride through to Bavaria where they were going to spend two weeks exploring the countryside,walking and getting rides when they could to see all they could before they came home again.Lisa and Agnetha had been good friends for many of their 18 years and this was the first time they had gone away together so far from home.They both had credit cards to pay for their needs,so they did not need to carry much money with them.They both had large backpacks with several changes of clothing and a map of Bavaria,so they should not need much more.Lisa’s father waved goodbye as the ferry sailed away,before returning home.

The girls enjoyed the ferry ride and also the train ride through Germany to Mannheim where they caught a local bus to Wurtzburg where they stayed in a youth hostel for their first night,resting to be ready for their first day of walking right after breakfast next day.In the morning they jumped out of bed and dressed then ate a good breakfast and were walking out of the city by 9am.They had looked at their map and decided where they wanted to go by the scientific method of sticking a pin in the paper and heading for the village nearest to the pin.They had only walked a short time when a truck stopped beside them and asked if they needed a ride.They said where they were heading for and the driver said he could drop them off very close to there,so they climbed in and settled in the cab.About an hour later they were dropped off in Neulingen which was close to where they were going.They first explored the town and enjoyed a nice lunch which filled them up very well.By asking a few people they found out that there was a delivery van going to their destination and would be leaving in just a couple of minutes,so if they hurried they would get a ride.They both rushed and got into the van,but in doing so they did not have time to visit the bathroom after their lunch with accompanying drinks of course.

The van drove slowly on the narrow country roads but eventually they reached their chosen village.I will not tell the name as they want to keep it just their secret for their next visit.The village was quite large with lots of houses and farms spread out,and only one small hotel.They walked all over enjoying the scenery,forgetting that they needed a toilet break soon.They asked at several of the small farms and houses about where they could stay for the night and pay with their credit cards,but none of the bed & breakfast places could accept their cards,they would have to pay cash.They were told that the only place in the village that would take cards was the small hotel,but they were warned that while it was a very comfortable hotel the people were a little “different”.The girls decided they could handle different so long as they could use their cards to pay for their room.They walked to the hotel and booked in for the night so they could leave their backpacks in their room and walk round free of their burdens.A quick visit was all they had in the hotel then back out to explore more in the park and the lovely houses that lined the streets. They looked for a public toilet and found one tucked away in a back street,but they were getting desperate now so it would be good enough for them as their drinking was now needing released.They walked into the toilet and found that it was not very appealing at all;it was dirty and the potty was so dirty they could not bear to sit on it,so each crouched and aimed at the potty as they released a stream of hot pee.They decided that pooping would have to wait until later at their hotel.

They found a Bierstube,a small bar, in the main street where they ordered a hearty meal to keep them going until next morning;a large plate of schnitzel mit kartofeln,that’s veal and potatoes to you.They got some fried mushrooms as well to go with it and finished with ice cream,all washed down with several glasses of local beer.There was an entertaining small band playing which kept them amused until they suddenly realized that it was getting late.Needing the toilet again they thought that instead of using one at the Bierkeller,they would go to the hotel and use one there in more comfort.They walked fast along to their hotel and collected their key from the desk,clenching their cheeks as they walked up the stairs to their room.Once in their room they looked round for the toilet and found the door marked ‘badzimmer’ which they pushed pen and rushed in together,both desperate now.They stopped shocked as all they could see was one shower cubicle:No toilet!Lisa went down to the reception desk and asked Frau Heinkel where the toilet was and was amazed to be told that there was no toilet inside the hotel,and very few of their guests ever asked about the toilet,but there was a toilet in the back garden at the far end,but it was broken and the repair man would not come for a week,so she should just use her panties and then drop it out the window into the garden below.

Lisa was so shocked but she went back up the their room and told Agnetha.After a short discussion they girls agreed that this seemed the only way they could manage to poop that night and as they were both very desperate now they should go ahead and do it soon.They were both tired of holding their cheeks tightly clenched to hold their poop inside by now,but pooping their panties was so alien to them.They sat down to watch tv for a little while to build up their courage and became interested in the tv show.This let them relax helped by all the beer they had enjoyed and in a few minutes they had relaxed more and they stopped holding their bowels closed.The pressure of poop from all they had eaten that day forced a movement to begin and both girls started to let their poop slowly push out into their panties and jeans.As they were leaning back in their chairs the poop was coming out quite easy and as it was soft it began to spread forward inside their panties so gently that it did not waken the girls.As the pressure was released the pooping stopped and later when they woke up and found they had both pooped in their panties,they looked at each other and said “We have pooped a little bit,so we might as well finish the job” then both girls pushed and a lot more soft poop came out of them filling their panties so full that it was being pushed up over their bellies.

Knowing that they had a perfectly good shower in their room Lisa began to move round in her seat and felt the warm soft poop pushing further all over her belly now.Each time she moved she could feel the poop gently slipping over her pussy and making her feel so horny that she just needed to rub herself and did not care if her friend was there to see her or not.She reached her hand inside her jeans but outside her panties and began to rub through the mound of soft poop,feeling a massive tingling inside her.Agnetha looked at her and smiled as she followed Lisa,putting her hand inside her jeans too.Now both girls were rubbing,so gently at first then getting more urgent and faster with every second,now gasping with excitement as each anticipated their coming orgasm and did not want to stop until they exploded with pleasure.They began to moan and groan as they each lifted off their seats as they thrust against their hands as they rubbed so hard now on tingling pussies.racing for the first orgasm.Suddenly they both gasped loudly and collapsed exhausted in their seats feeling their soft poop squirting all over their panties and a forceful jet of juice squirting from them into their messy panties.After a short rest they both staggered into the shower and began the job of cleaning themselves and their clothes,thankful that there was a laundry room on their floor that they could throw all their dirty clothes in to get washed in the morning.Right them they decided that this was not a bad place to stay for more than one night.

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  1. I like to find a location that is secluded and be able to do you own thing and have fun with a friend

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