Poopsteinstadt 4

Lisa and Agnetha woke late again needing to pee so they stepped into the shower and peed there before they went down for breakfast with Dieter.They had all slept in his room in the clean bed after their hot shower to clean all the poop off their bodies after their orgy of sex.Dieter was still feeling tired as he had worked hard last night servicing both girls in turn as soon as he had rested enough to get hard once more,so now he was feeling in need of a good breakfast to build up his strength.The hotel owner Frau Heinkel had invited them all to her private party that evening so they wanted to do a little sight seeing before then.Going down together to the dining room they sat and ate a double breakfast each.They intended walking round the town today and seeing everything before the party which started at 8pm after dinners were served at the hotel.They had asked Frau Heinkel if there were any other hotels and she had told them there was one on the other said of town but they did not stick to the local custom of not having toilets,so the locals did not go there to eat or drink,although some visitors did stay there if they were too uncertain of not being able to do without a toilet.

As they handed in their room keys Dieter and the girls were introduced to Frau Heinkel’s daughter Hannah who was helping mom at the desk.Hannah was dressed in white jeans and a blue T shirt and looked to be about 10years old.As they talked to her they could smell that she had pooped in her jeans and they noticed a large bulge at her rear.While they talked Hannah reached her hand into the back of her jeans and brought out her hand with soft poop all over it and started to rub it all over the front of her jeans between her legs smiling sweetly all the time she rubbed.They smiled at Hannah and set off to explore the town checking their map as they went.They went into lots of the little shops and bought a few small things that would fit into their backpacks to take home.A few hours later they felt hungry and found a nice cafe where they enjoyed a lovely Wienersnitzell and Kartofelnsalad with a very tasty Riesling wine to wash it down.The rest of their day they spend exploring and having a lovely time together resting in the park beside the river watching the ducks.They did not rush back for dinner as Frau Heinkel had said they should wait and have food at the party,so at 7pm the strolled back toward the hotel to change into their clothes for the party.Dieter wore thin slacks with a white shirt and the girls settled for light blue skirts and yellow blouses.By the time they had changed it was now time to go to the party.

As they arrived at Frau Heinkel’s apartment she opened the door and greeted them,introducing herself as Ilse as the were now friends.Hannah was there too and also the son who was introduced as Herman and who seemed to be about 19 years old and wore thin blue jeans and a green T shirt.They were also introduced to a lot of other family members whose names they forgot as there were too many to remember.Ilse led them over to the food table where they chose a variety of cooked meats and vegetables,filling their plates and then finding a space at one of the tables with Hannah and Herman who were more their ages.
There was music playing and lots of talking and drinking and as they all had lots of drinks and more food they all soon became the best of friends and started dancing with each other.They told Ilse that they had seen the other hotel and she laughed and said it was a pity they did not stick with the local custom and have no toilets so their guests could enjoy the pleasures of pooping in their pants as her guests did.”No pride in local traditions” she laughed.

The party went on for hours and by the end they were all bursting to pee but a bit embarrassed to do it in so many people’s company.All the food had also made them feel pretty full and ready to poop as soon as possible,but they felt strange about doing all that in front of the other guests at the party.By now Angetha and Dieter seemed to be happy together,while Herman had formed an attachment to Lisa,and as he was a good looking young man she seemed happy to let things happen.As they sat close together Agnetha was letting her hand rest on Dieter’s leg and moving slowly higher as time passed which seemed to be making Dieter’s slacks bulge at the front.Meantime Lisa was finding that Herman was feeling horny for her as he seemed to have grown a third leg inside her jeans.She let her hand slip up his leg a little bit more and more until she felt a very firm cock waiting in there,hopefully for her.The girls were a little unsteady on their legs after so many drinks,so Dieter helped Agnetha to walk and Herman quickly volunteered to assist Lisa to her room.Since Dieter’s room had the two large beds in it,they went to that room where they each chose one big bed each with their young men to help them.Both girls pretended to be so drunk that needed help to get their clothes off and of course the boys were happy to help them,taking lots of time with each garment and feeling the warm body parts while they did so.

The girls remembered they had not peed all evening and were also desperate to poop and said this to the boys who said that they too were in the same condition,so why not all do it together in bed.They all moved over to one bed as there was plenty of room.The boys lay on their backs as the girls straddled them telling the boys to pee their pants right now.The girls watched as Herman and Dieter forcefully peed their pants,flooding them totally and then the girls peed their panties and let their flood drop onto the boys under them.Now the pee had come out the poop was sure to follow and it did with the girls pushing a large soft load into their panties and telling the boys to fill their pants now too.In seconds four pants were filled with soft warm poop and the girls lowered their bums down onto the boys,right on top of the hard cocks which now pressed on their poop and spread it nicely over pussies as they began to grind them onto the cocks.The boys opened their fronts and two long hard cocks sprang out,standing to attention.The boys pulled off the girls panties and pulled them closer,letting their cocks slip inside their pussies as they girls gasped with pleasure and started to move round in circles as they cocks thrust into them faster and faster.They girls reached down and grabbed a handful of poop from the boys pants and smeared it all over their bellies boys and girls,getting it all on their clothes too not worrying about the mess now.The sex got hotter and faster until with a gasp each boy shot loads of hot cum into the girl on the end of his cock,as she stifled a shout of sheer joy for the orgasm she was having before lying on top of him and hugging tightly as she pushed her pussy into him to get the last bit of him inside her.They lay there for about an hour just slipping and sliding over each other and hands were stroking everywhere as they kissed hungrily.As they recovered from their sex session they all went into the shower room and began to get cleaned all over with girls cleaning boys in all the exciting places and boys helping girls clean hard to reach cavities.All this accompanied by kisses and groans of pleasure as plans were silently made for tomorrow.

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