Poopsteinstadt 3

After their night of wild sex Lisa and Agnetha slept later and when they got out of bed they decided to ask their sexy friend Dieter to join them for the day and try to explore the lovely countryside outside the town of Poopsteinstadt.It had felt so much better sleeping in one bed and hugging each other all night and when they had wakened up desperate to pee after drinking last night it was lovely to just lie there holding each other and peeing freely,feeling the hot wetness covering their lower bodies and knowing that the beds would be changed by the staff.When they rose they chose their clothing for that day and decided on soft tight fitting jeans that hugged their bodies and felt so good as well as showing off their crotch area to best advantage for Dieter who would spend the day with them.They went down to the dining room for breakfast and found a large German family already there heartily eating eggs and bacon with lots of toasted bread and coffee.As they walked past the family Agnetha noticed that the floor beneath the family was flooded where they had all just peed as they ate breakfast and the teenage girl with them had a really noticeable brown stain rising up the back of her white pants.The mother of the family rose to reach over for the marmalade and farted loudly as a gusher of pee streamed down her legs.The girls chose a window table and as they ordered their meal Dieter came in and joined them to eat.He had chosen knee length pants that fitted close to his legs and bum,showing a large bulge in front where they covered his large cock,now resting after a busy night.

As they ate they discussed their plans for today,deciding to hire three bicycles and ride out to the lake about 8 kilometers away to enjoy the water and eat at the waterside restaurant.There was also a schloss or castle there which they could visit.When they had eaten they asked Frau Heinkel at reception where they could rent bicycles for the day and were directed to the cycle shop two streets away.Frau Heinkel liked how the three young people had quickly got into the ways of the local customs and invited them to come to her family party next evening as they would be the only guests in the hotel that night.They were pleased to accept this invitation of course and thanked her profusely.Walking to the cycle shop together,they each chose the cycle that they liked and paid the hire fee as they received a small map of the area showing places of interest.After the shop owner had adjusted their saddles for comfortable riding,they mounted up and began to pedal slowly through the streets heading out of town in the direction of the lake.The ride was not hard as the country was quite flat ,so no big hills to ride up or freewheel down,just a nice steady enjoyable ride through country roads that rose gently in the last kilometer before dipping down to the lakeside.

The three of them rode round the edge of the lake to explore the schloss first,parking their bikes in the racks by the main gate and paying a small fee to enter into the ancient castle which was still the home of the Meinhoff family.They were guide round by one of the family members dressed in old style lederhosen and white frilly shirt with flowers embroidered on it.It was very interesting to see all the lovely decorated rooms and they were interested to see that there seemed to be no toilet facilities anywhere in the castle,backing up the local custom it seemed.As the finished their tour they were amazed to see that it had take three hours,but had seemed like only a few minutes as it was so interesting and the guide was so friendly.The girls were so pleased that they had chosen their tight filling jeans as they had noticed they got a lot of approving glances from the guide and from every other man they passed who noticed that they tight jeans pressed into their crotches and showed two well identified camel toes.They also noticed that the female tourists were smiling as they saw Dieter’s tight pants so well packed in the same area.

Their cycle ride and all the walking had not given them an appetite as well as a thirst,so they rode the short distance to the lakeside restaurant and parked their bikes again.As it was a nice warm day with bright sun shining down on them,they chose a nice outside table right by the edge of the water.They read the menu and chose schinken mit kartofeln ,ham and potatoes,along with three beers in one liter steins or mugs made of decorated porcelain,just to get in character with the area.The beer was very cold which tasted lovely on the warm day and soon the first liter was gone and a second one ordered.The meal tasted delicious and was soon eaten and followed by Black Forest gateau (Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte) in large helpings which filled them up nicely.Leaving their bikes they enjoyed a nice walk round the lake following the path and resting now and then on a grassy bank to watch the swans floating on the smooth surface of the water.As they rested the heat of the day got to them and they drifted off to sleep for a short time,then wakened to a desperate need to pee,which was no surprise with all the beer they had enjoyed. The girls thought as they awoke that they would need to rush to find a toilet,then they remembered there were no toilets,so they relaxed and lay back on the grass and let a flood of hot pee flow into their tight jeans.It felt so wonderful as it spread all over their bums and down both legs,soaking their jeans totally and leaving not one bit of them dry;just as it should be they thought as they looked at Dieter’s pants now getting a dark wet patch starting to spread fast as he too let his pee run free.

The hot sun was making them sweat now,so since their pants were now soaked anyway they all got up and walked right into the lake enjoying the cool water flowing round hot pussies and balls with smiling faces.The temptation was too much to resist so the three young people began to swim in the lake fully clothed,leaving their little shoulder bags with their money on the bank where they could see them.That cooled them down nicely and soon they came out to lie again on the back in the sun,taking off their top garments and placing them in the sun to dry while they sunbathed in their underwear which would soon dry on them.Dosing off once more for a short time they awoke to find that their clothes were indeed dry enough to put on again,so they dressed once more and began to walk back to the restaurant where their bikes were parked.As they walked slowly with Dieter in the middle all holding hands,it became apparent that their large breakfast and larger lunch had filled them up so well that now they needed to poop in the near future.The near future was drawing closer as they walked and soon they felt some urgency in their bowels as they reached their bikes.Even at the restaurant there were no toilets,so they decided to have a cold drink before they set off back to town and ordered one more stein of beer each,sitting at a table while they drank it.Sitting helped to keep the urgency at bay too but they had to move eventually.

Getting up from their table they mounted their bikes,pressing their bums into the saddles to help hold their poop inside as they worked to ride up the hill away from the lake.It was only one kilometer and they soon reached the top looking forward to an easy ride back to town.Now they had the extra problem of their last beer wanting to be released,but it was really no problem to them as they raised up off their saddles and let a stream of hot pee flow freely to soak their pants once more.It felt wonderful to be so free and pee their pants when they wanted without any worries.Since their pants were now well peed it followed that they should enjoy pooping them too,so they no longer tried to hold their poop inside.Each of them raised up out of their saddles and stopped pedaling but were surprised when they found that their poop did not rush out.They stopped beside the road at the top of a gentle slope and looked all round at the lovely view,not thinking of pooping now.Each now felt some movement within as their bowels slowly pushed a mass of soft warm poop into their underwear.Dieter smiled as his tight pants filled and the tight pants made it all move forward to cover his balls as he pushed the back of her pants with his hand.Now he got back into the saddle and forced his bum down enjoying the feel of the spreading poop now pushed onto his cock and making it hard.

Lisa and Agnetha pushed gently and right away felt movement as soft warm poop began to fill their cotton panties.Using their hands they pulled their tight jeans away from their bum to allow room for the poop to fill their panties totally,and it did fill so well as it seemed to just keep coming;the largest poop they had enjoyed for weeks.When it was all sitting in their panties they released their tight jeans and felt the poop being compressed and forced forward slipping over their hot pulsating pussies.Now each got back in their saddles and felt such a lovely spreading of soft poop going all over their jeans;being pushed up the back and up the front all over their bellies as they rocked in their saddles.Now all three happily rolled down into town where they returned their bikes to the shop and walked back to the hotel feeling the soft poop moving in their pants with each step.Agnetha reminded Dieter that it was her turn to be pleasured by his cock as soon as they got to his room.The quickly got the room keys and rushed to his room where all three jumped into him large bed and began to reach inside each others pants spreading the mess and quickly reaching a frenzy of sexual pleasure.Dieter got his massive rock hard cock out of the messy pants as Agnetha tore off her panties and grabbed it from him to guide in inside her waiting pussy.Thrusting hard he rode her harder than he had ridden the bike and soon their groans turned to stifled screams of pleasure as he shot what seemed like a stein full of hot cum into her throbbing pussy as her legs clenched round him to keep him there.Now Lisa held onto both of them as their poop covered bodies slipped over each other.

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  1. mmmmm love the 3 of them having hot sex with poo all over them god like to fuck a woman as we both shit and after our orgasm we pee in and over each other do you wear tight pants and show a camal toe as well ass your round sexy ass love see a pic sometime x scoop

  2. I tend to wear loose skirts at work and slacks at home,so no camel toe.Loose slacks hide my poopy bulge when I fill my panties when I am out shopping.

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