Poopsteinstadt 2

A fiction story for fun.

The two Swedish girls Anetha and Lisa slept so deeply on their first night in the lovely little town after discovering that there was no toilet in the hotel and having to use their panties as their bathroom and then shower before bedtime.This went against all their childhood training,yet after their first feelings of embarrassment they had to admit that it had felt quite exciting to just not use a potty,since there was not one to use,but to let their panties get dirty.The hotel owner,Frau Heinkel,had told then that not only did the hotel not have any inside toilets,but many of the homes in the town also did not have a toilet.She explained that it had been a custom for many years that the people would just pee in the bushes or in their pants and go about their business until night time and then just have a good bath or shower to clean up before bed.She told the girls that this was how the town had got its name,so I better tell you the name now,it was ‘Poopsteinstadt’ which seemed quite fitting.Now this morning the girls picked out what they would wear for that day as they explored the area,knowing that there were no toilets for them to use.It still felt strange that they would have to just pee and poop in their clothes,but if everyone else was doing it then why not join in.Sorting out their backpacks they each chose nice soft cotton panties and some tight blue jeans which should hold any poop they did in place and not let it drop out.The laundry would get them all clean again soon enough,and they felt they should fit in with custom.They chose loose fitting cotton shirts for their tops as it was going to be a hot day out there.

Going down to the dining room they noticed that there were no carpets on any of the floors,which they had not noticed last night, but it made sense if people were going to pee in their pants.Linoleum and tiles would be much easier to keep clean.In the dining room they chose a nice window table and noticed now that all the chairs were made of wood with no soft padding,again easier to clean they thought.Looking round they saw a few other guests already seated and eating their breakfast,some looking a little red in the face from obviously having been surprised by the no toilets arrangement.The girls too felt a little embarrassed but being young they decided to adapt to their surroundings and enjoy their holiday.They enjoyed their lovely big breakfast of fried potatoes,bacon, mushrooms and two fried eggs with a large plate of toast and marmalade washed down with a large pot of coffee.As they ate it made them think that all this food was going to make a large poop for both of them later,and they had to admit to each other that this thought was quite exciting to them.Looking round at the other guests they saw that while most of them were dressed in normal clothes,one or two had opted to wear tight jeans just like them and were obviously prepared for what would happen later.They did notice one young man,wearing lederhosen,who was looking uncomfortable for a while before he suddenly relaxed and a puddle formed under his seat and then he smiled at them and shrugged his shoulders as if to say OK.

Lisa and Agnetha finished eating and walked outside into the central square,already feeling a slight need to pee after all the coffee they had enjoyed.They wanted to take a walk round all the streets today and see the pretty buildings which were all brightly painted,and visit some of the interesting little shops.It still felt strange to them that they were going out walking and knew that they were going to pee in their jeans when they needed to go;strange yet exciting to know that nobody would worry if they saw them in wet jeans in their shops.The thought was quite liberating for them.They saw people setting up stalls all round the square and discovered that it was market day and many of the farmers would be bringing in animals to be sold and produce for sale too.They walked through the streets exploring for a couple of hours and then returned to the square where the market was starting to get busy.As they slowly walked along through the stalls they sampled some of the enticing foods on display and loved every one of them.By now they were feeling really in need of relieving their bladders and though about finding a toilet,but them they remembered that there were no toilets.It felt so strange still to know they had to pee right there in their jeans with so many people all round them,but then they saw the young man in lederhosen a few stalls along from them.He was standing tasting some kartofelnsalat and they could see that a stream of pee was running down his legs while he ate.They walked over to him and said hello and got a tub of the potato salad each.They loved the taste and as they enjoyed it they relaxed and with some difficulty managed to start to pee into their panties.At first it felt so hard to pee with so many people all round them but when they noticed a couple of other men further along with wet patches growing on their pants they felt not so bad and could pee much easier.

It felt strange yet quite enjoyable to just stand among all the people and pee in their jeans with nobody giving them any strange looks;it was becoming quite normal.The young man asked if her could go with them as he was on his own and they were happy to agree.As it was not just after noon they thought it would be nice to walk up the steep hill just outside the town and see all of the countryside from up there.They set off together talking all the time about how nice it seemed to be here and about where they came from.The young man told them he came from Koblenz and that he felt strange having peed his pants in the dining room in front of them,but at home he actually liked to pee his pants but not with anyone watching him.He told them that he also pooped his pants when he was alone at home and it made him feel so horny when he felt the warm poop in his pants.The girls told him how strange it had felt last night when they both had to poop in their panties,but that they too had felt excited doing it and had felt sexy after that.Having shared that they climbed right to the top of the hill and sat talking as they enjoyed the view.It was Lisa then who suggested that they should stay together all day and perhaps spend time that evening having a few beers in the bierstube after a nice big dinner in the local restaurant.As they lay on the grass looking out over the valley it became apparent that they all needed to pee again,so to fit in with the local custom they each held hands and together flooded their pants,watching the wet patches spread all over the front of their jeans.The lederhosen did not show a wet patch,as it all flowed down and out of the legs.They lay enjoying the sun for a while then decided they were hungry and began the walk back down to the town.

All that exercise had made them so hungry,so as they found the restaurant and sat at their table they ordered a large plate of food each.Wienersnitzel,Kartofelnsalat,and vegetables washed down with a local wine and followed by rum baba.Now they were filled up with food and ready to go for drinks before going back to the hotel.A short walk took them to the bierstube where they settled at a corner table passing the evening drinking several cold beers and not needing to pay for each as it came as the girl marked their mat with a tick for each one they had and they paid for them all at the end of the night.There was some lovely music and singing to entertain them and soon it was 10pm and they decided they were ready to go to the hotel and get some sleep.By now they were all pretty desperate for a non existant toilet,but now happy to hold it until they got back to the hotel.They walked a little unsteadily toward the hotel talking as they went and each peeing their pants as they walked,enjoying the hot stream flowing down their legs as they struggled to hold in their poop from all the food they had eaten that day.Walking into the hotel they collected their room keys and climbed the stairs holding onto each other for support.At the top of the stairs Dieter suggested that the girls join him in his room for a glass of schnapps before they went to bed,and this sounded like a great idea to the girls,so they all staggered along to his room.

As they opened the door to Dieter’s room they saw that there were two big beds in there and thought how lucky he was to have two big beds when they only had two little ones.Dieter produced a bottle of obstwasser schnapps and poured them each a glass which they threw down in good German fashion.More schnapps was poured and again downed on one gulp.Thoughts of getting back to their room faded from the thoughts of Lisa and Agnetha as thoughts of being desperate to poop began to take over.Lisa farted loudly and they all laughed.Now Agnetha farted not so loudly followed by Dieter and they all laughed.Their wet jeans felt like they needed a good warm poop added to them to make the day complete and now that they had been drinking all evening they did not care so much about being good girls.Agnetha giggled and said lets all poop in our pants right her,right now.Dieter and Lisa said it sounded a great idea so they stopped trying to hols in their poop and all began to push,though none of them needed to push really.As soon as they stopped holding it their soft warm poop started to flow gently out of their holes and fill up their panties.It kept coming and seemed to go for a long time as their panties filled up so much that there was a large bulge behind all three bums.Two jeans were bulging out well behind the girls and even the lederhosen had a large bulge as they all stood holding each other.

The girls reached behind Dieter and felt the poop bulge,pressing it with their hands and making it spread all over his bum.He smiled and said how good that felt,then he reached behind both girls and pressed their bulges,smearing their warm soft poop all over their cute bums and making them moan with pleasure as they felt the warm mass spread and slide over their tingling pussies.This make them forget all about being good girls;now they wanted to be naughty girls.All three of them sat down on one of the big beds and began to move their bums around spreading their soft poop even further inside the jeans.They all began to hug each other and kissed hard and long as passions soared so fast.In seconds hands were thrust into pants and jeans finding soft warm poop to be spread further and two pussies and a cock to be found and played with.Within a few minutes jeans and lederhosen were being pulled off and thrown on the floor as three desperate horny young people merged into one mass of sex with so much stroking and exploring.Lisa was the first one to find Dieter’s rock hard cock as it sprang out of his shorts,and quickly she grabbed it and thrust it into her throbbing hot pussy,where it began to move fast and without tiring until it exploded with a jet of hot cum that shot into her just as she shouted out when the massive orgasm flowed over her.Agnetha was being fingered by both Lisa and Dieter together and seconds later she squirted so hard all over the others as she orgasmed while she sucked lisa’s tits and spread the poop over all of their bellies in an orgy of delight.

A short resting period holding each other on the bed and then they all got up and showered together for a long time until they got clean.Now they kissed again and collected their filthy clothing,borrowed a robe each and sneaked back to their room,Lisa and Agnetha with arms round each other.Agnetha claiming the right to Dieter’s cock tomorrow night.They slipped into their room and instead of using both beds they both climbed into one bed to fall asleep hugging each other tightly as they kissed and stroked until they both fell asleep to dream of next day and next night.

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