I got bored to day and wanted to make a pooping video so i ate two huge burritos and they were bean and cheese burritos and beans give me the runs and i am nasty with cheese so i sat on the pot to get me desperate to poop in the video but when i sat down on the i was ready to poop so i waited to let some poop come out then my stomach was attaching and i really had to poop so i ran to get the video camera just in case i could not leave the bathroom and i got it and then sat back down on the pot to poop to get me desperate and just as when my stomach was the worst i let go and though i would explode with poop nothing happened i was constipated so tomorrow i will take laxatives to help my constipation and so i will probably have a huge poop. But tonight i still have the filling of taking a huge turd but i just cant so i will leave the camera in the bathroom just in case. Its happening again brb. Man that took like 30min on the pot and still not coming out. Hope i do not have chronic constipation.

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