Pooping your panties at the mall.

Yes smell is the biggest give away when we poop our panties.We like to wear loos fitting slacks or skirt so that helps to disguise the poop bulge as our bum as we walk through the mall or store.The fact that poop smells is a problem but if you keep moving and don’t stop long enough for anyone to pin down where the smell is coming from that helps.Once Sally and I have filled our panties we will walk at a normal pace and in a normal manner,not waddling like we pooped our panties.That way we pass through crowds at a good speed,so by the time people smell poop we are gone quite a few yards away from them.We sometimes look back and see them looking all around to see where the smell came from,but by then we are well away from them.You are lucky having your van there to change in.We walk out of the store or mall into the fresh air fairly fast and then any breeze will carry the smell away.Our normal is to walk straight to our car,which we have already prepared by spreading plastic bags and maybe towels on our seats,and then we get in and sit on our nice soft warm poop which then gets spread all over our bums as we wriggle in our seats to spread it as much as possible.We will of course have been holding our pee during this time and once our poop is well spread we love to relax and let our bladders open and flood our panties and slacks or skirts as we sit in a warm pool of pee.This softens our poop more and warms it up again if it is cooling,so we can then use our hands to push it all over our lower bodies and usually at this stage we will rub our pussies while we spread the poop and this always leads to having the most amazing strong orgasm as we sit there.Once we get over that first massive thrill we will drive home,enjoying the feel of each bump or corner which makes us slip and slide on our poop.Often the ones who are not driving can use their hands to enjoy more orgasms while we drive home and also whoever is sitting beside the driver will rub the driver’s pussy so that they don’t miss out on more orgasm fun.BY the time we get home we are all pretty messy so we strip off our outer clothing and walk into the shower room which can easily hold three people,dressed in just panties,and then we take out time cleaning each other under the hot spray.Even that can be fun as we do touch each other a lot and often orgasm in the shower with all that touching and stroking.It can be very tiring but so very rewarding for all of us.

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  1. GREAT STORY ! You two do what I do when I shit my pants at the mall. Just keep walking, this way people think it is some kid shit his or her pants. I will sit in my shit in the food court and have lunch. I sit next to a garbage can and people think its the garbage smelling. hehehe

  2. You’r story is amazing, I have been planning on doing this as well
    at the mall. Humiliation is a big turn on so to add to the pooping
    I want people to know I took a shit in my pants especialy teen and
    college aged girls. I want to take a loose shit in my pants while in a
    young woman’s clothing store or near a perfume counter in the mall.
    I want to see what the reaction will be once the girl realizes that there
    is shit in my pants. The best would be walking next to a group of teen
    girls and one smells it and tell her friends and they look and laugh and
    call me a loser. Thinking about the shit in my pants wishing it was a girl
    like you and your friend in the mall. I have a neighbor who has a nineteen
    year old daughter Trace, I was at there house she came out of the hall
    bathroom and I needed to go so I went in right after her. Trace is young,
    hot and beautiful and she also just took a smelly shit which left skid marks
    in the toilet bowl. My heart started to beat real fast and my cock got hard
    from the amazing smell of Trace’s shit. Thinking about this beautiful young
    girl sitting on this toilet less then a minute ago and seeing the skid marks and dreaming about the big smelly shit which just slid out of her amazing tight anus, needless to say I got on
    my knees in front of the toilet put my face as close to the water as possible and
    started to jerk off, that didn’t last long!!

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