Pooping with a butt plug — Awesome!!

Here’s something I discovered a few days ago — pooping in tight briefs with a butt plug in my ass.  I put in the butt plug as I often do when I’m home – I love the feel of it when I’m just doing stuff around the house, or go shopping or whatever.  Anyway, I’d had it in for a while when I felt the pressure building up in my ass to take a dump.  I had on some really tight briefs and tight jeans.  The plug was keeping the poop in and the pressure felt really hot.  It got so much that a few farts came out around the plug, and I noticed a little poop oozed out around it, but the plug stayed in.  The pressure kept building up, and I was really liking the slippery feeling of the poop oozing out.  Finally I gave it push and a good load squished out around the plug into my briefs.  Then I noticed that the plug was still in, not able to get all the way out because of the tight briefs..  I stood there puckering my hole.  Each time I did the plug slipped out a lot, and when I unpuckered, the briefs pushed it back in.  I kept doing it repeatedly and it felt like I was being fucked by a small cock — it was so totally HOT!!  I got on my knees, bent over, the the briefs were even tighter and kept pushing the plug in when I loosened my hole.  I did this for several minutes until finally the plug came all the way out when the briefs loosend up from the stretching.  I was pretty amazed that I was able to fuck myself with the plug, all nice and lubed with the poop, without using my hands. A totally awesome exerience!!

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  1. I too have done this, but also in my diaper. I use a short and fat 4" plug. The other thing I have done to increase bulk when I poop is popping in about 4 or 5 golf balls. This feels TREMENDOUS as the come out.

  2. This sounds amazing! golf balls, didlos and butt plugs are all on the to "do" list now, except they’ll be doing me 😉

  3. i also put a dildo up my ass and then put on a pair of bikers shorts and then slip my tight levi skinny leg jeans on. walk around like that for hours. fill so good like iam getting fuck.i piss my jeans all day long.i also shit in my jeans and fills so great that i cum many times in my pants.

  4. I have done this and also love to be fucked with a full shit load in me. Fun to be the top too.

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