Pooping while riding my motorbike

I was riding my motorbike back from Hove in West Sussex a couple of days ago when I had the sudden and unstoppable urge to shit. I had been to a beer festival the day before and I think the beer had a purgative effect on my bowels. It is virtually impossible to clench your buttocks when astride a motorbike and I was on a motorway so couldn’t stop.
The inevitable happened and I filled my pants with very soft shit. I was wearing tight leather motorcycle pants so the shit spread everywhere. I still had about 40 minutes riding time to go and I had to do it with my pants full of shit. It also oozed forwards covering my balls.
By the time I got to the end of my journey, my bottom and balls were covered in cold clammy shit. It took a while to clean myself up. Luckily the motorcycle pants had a removable liner which could cleaned separately.
A novel but not all together an unpleasant experience! Luckily nobody was riding pillion with me.

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  1. Many years ago I pooped as I rode down the A1 near Welwyn. It was a poo out of real need but happily it was quite firm and formed a cushion between bum and saddle. I was just in jeans and casual gear. Got to admit it felt really good and I enjoyed it so much I had no problem with the piss taking I received from my friend on pillion.

  2. My problem was the lack of control. I knew it was coming and I knew I couldn’t stop it. It was very soft and spread everywhere. I had the remainder of the journey to do and the poop spread around my bottom got colder and colder as the journey progressed. I was in a bit of a mess at the end of my journey.

  3. This is an unbelievably hot story. That moment where you knew you were going to shot yourself must have brought so many emotions all in one go!

  4. I had a dirt bike and I used to go to a lot of remote places to ride . I almost always shit in my swim trunks while riding then sit in the seat having shit all over my ass, balls, and cock. What a beautiful feeling! Sometimes the shit would ooze out onto the seat. I’d just ride it home and hose it down.

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