Pooping pants

I’m from so. Dak. And love to poop my pants. I sometimes poop in undies and sometimes use a diaper. I love doing it in public and with someone else.
Last week I got up in the morning pulled on a strainer older pair of undies (FTP) with a diaper over the top for protection. Drove over to the grocery store, pooping a little as I went, walked in like nothing was wrong, did my shopping, bent over once pretending to look at something on the bottom shelf, pushing the rest of my load into my pants.
Went to the checkout and a nice looking kid about 18-19 checked me out, there was a mother and two boys about 6-7 behind me. I was just about done and the check out kid said ” I think one of those kids pooped their pants” I didn’t say any thing just paid and walked out with a big lump in the back of my pants and a bigger one in the front!!! I drove over to the mall and walker around getting a couple of looks and comments, one guy told me where the restrooms were located.
I was about ready to go home when I located the arcade, went in to play a few games. There was a few high school age guys in there and I could see them kind of looking my way and snickering, then one of them came over and told me I should maybe go change my pants cause I smelled like poop, then they all starting laughing and pointing and the first one actually spanked me on the butt, smashing my shit up to my balls.
If anyone likes this or would like to get together let me know

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  1. Love it I poop all the time when out and have never been lucky enough to have someone spank my butt. I’m from mn maybe if one of us is traveling to the other we could meet and go shopping while pooping our diapers

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