Pooping pants in Israel

It was a beautiful bright sunny morning as Tal Bar rode her little scooter from her home on the south side of Tel Aviv making her way to work.It always seemed to be bright and sunny in this beautiful city and she felt so happy that she had found a good job very close to the sea in the Park Plaza Orchid Hotel.It was not a great job but she liked it well enough,cleaning the rooms after the guests had left and getting them ready for the next occupants.The pay was enough for her to run a nice new Honda scooter and afford a comfortable small flat in a nice suburb.Tal had been feeling a little bloated for the past five days as she had not been able to poop for some reason,although she had been eating well enough at every mealtime.She was good friends with one of the cute chefs at the hotel,so she was usually given a nice piece of steak before she left work to go home that she would cook for her evening meal.Just before she had left home today she had taken a couple of laxative pills that promised to let her be able to use the bathroom later in the day and clean out her bowels.
After about 20 minutes she had arrived at work and stopped near the back door of the hotel,parking the little scooter on the sidewalk next to the entrance to Morris Farag’s door,where it would not be in the way of anyone.She walked in the rear of the hotel and signed in the book to show she was there and ready for work,then went down to the kitchen for a cup of coffee for a few minutes before she was needed in the rooms,as it was still before check out time.She had some toast along with her coffee and as she finished eating she got a call to say that there were two rooms ready for her to clean.Tal collected her cart and made her way to the rooms and started work,singing softly as she worked as she felt happy as usual.As the morning passed she gradually got through cleaning all her rooms and collected her piece of steak from Ari,her friendly chef,puting it into her insulated cold box with an ice pack to keep it safe on the journey home.Before she left work for home though,she needed to eat something as she was now starving after all her work,so she walked out the rear door and turned left,taking the few steps to the steps that led her down to McDonalds fast food restaurant.This was her favorite eating place before she rode home as she just loved their big mac meals with a large fries and diet coke which she reasoned would not let her get fat.
She joined the short line at the counter and ordered her food and drink to take away,then walked out the front door and crossed Herbert Samuel Street to sit on a seat where she could eat while she looked out over the sea and sand at the beach.She took her time enjoying every bite of her meal,thinking how lucky she was to work in such a nice place.As she finished eating she could feel a slight stirring in her bowels telling her that her laxative pills were doing their job,but she had plenty of time yet before she needed to head for the bathroom,certainly she would be home long before then.Tal slowly finished her drink and put her trash in the waste bin nearby before walking back over the street and up the steps toward her scooter.Before she could leave for home she had a call to make:she was hoping to make a visit to America later in the year and had to make arrangements for her visa at the USA embassy which was just a short walk down the street from the back of the hotel in Ha Yarkon Street.Now feeling full of energy,she ran up the steps,excited at the prospect of her trip to America.
At the top of the steps she turned right and walked the hundred yards to the embassy in a few minutes.As she went inside she asked the US marine guard where to go and following his directions she joined the line waiting for help.She was given a numbered ticket and told to sit until she was called,so she sat reading travel brochures of US states,balancing them on her white tight pants as she crossed her legs.That large diet coke was beginning to make her feel uncomfortable now and needing to visit the bathroom,but she did not want to go and miss her turn at the counter,so she kept her legs crossed tightly.Quite soon she was called forward and was told all that she needed to do to get her visa,and given a few forms to complete and return to them in a few days.Thankful that she could now go to the bathroom she started to move from the counter,when suddenly an alarm sounded.This meant that there were rockets fired from Gaza on their way into the city and everyone had to take shelter right away.No time to use the bathroom first as the alarm only gives you about thirty seconds warning before they could drop on you.
The staff ushered everyone quickly downstairs into the safe area where they sat on seats and waited for the clear signal to come.Wishing she had not had that diet coke now,Tal pushed her hand between her legs as well as crossed her legs,and hoped she could hold on.By now,with all the excitement of the alarm,she could feel her bowels getting more urgent for relief,but there was nothing she could do until it was safe to come out.The good thing was that these alarms usually did not last too long.Sure enough in about twenty minutes they heard the all clear sounding and the staff showed everyone out and Tal made her way to the exit,firmly clenching her cheeks together,knowing that now she was outside,the nearest bathroom was back at the hotel a hundred yards away.Feeling afraid to move for a minute,she stood still and forced her bladder and bowels to be still.It worked,and as soon as the pressure had stopped she began to walk slowly and gently toward the hotel.
Everything was going to be alright she though,but just as she reached the door of the Embassy Coffee shop, passing the group of parked scooters,a young man was starting up his scooter when it suddenly backfired with such a loud bang.The loud noise coming so close to the recent alarm made her jump and for a second lose control of her clenched cheeks,and she felt a warm damp feeling in her tight white pants at the back and a short squirt of pee escaped as well.This was so embarrassing for her,and now she did not want to walk into her hotel with a wet patch at the from of her pants and a small brown stain at the back,which she knew would be so visible on white pants.She knew she could never clean her pants properly just in the bathroom,so she decided the best thing to do was just get onto her scooter,as her steak was already there in her cold box on the back,and ride home,where she could shower and wash her pants.Tal very soon reached her scooter,and hoping that nobody had noticed her pooped white pants,sat on her seat and started it up.Only twenty minutes now and she would be fine at home.
Tal checked all round and then started riding down the street.It was a one way street,so she had to rid along to Frishman Street then she could go down the hill and come back on Herbert Samuel Street.It was going well now,but as she had to stop at the traffic lights at the bottom of the hill she felt more pressure from her bladder and bowels hit her hard.Tal knew it was too late now to worry about wet pants or even pooped pants,so as she sat waiting for the lights to change she eased her rear a little off the seat and relaxed a little.immediately feeling her pee flood down both legs and into her shoes.It was a strange new feeling for her,but she had to admit it was not unpleasant,quite warm and it made her legs feel slippery as she moved them.She knew the hot air would soon dry her pants on the ride home anyway,so she was not too worried by being wet.The lights changed and she moved off again,turning left,now heading south along the seafront road.Further along the street she had to stop at a crossing for a large group of people to cross the street,and then her bowels gave her a big cramp,and Tal though why not,her pants were already peed on and had a poop stain at the back,they could not get much worse,and she could wash them very soon anyway,so again she raised herself up off her seat and again relaxed.
It took only a few seconds before she felt the most exciting feeling as five days of poop,made soft by her laxatives, started to come out of her bowels.First she felt a hot wet soft pudding grow at the back of her pants,and since they were tight pants she soon felt the hot feeling spread up her back a little,and as she lifted up more gravity let it start to creep down each leg,reaching half way down her thighs,now a little firm push to get the last of it out into her pants,and it felt so amazing. A shudder of excitement ran though her body as the last person passed in front of her and she sat down firmly on her seat and moved again with the traffic.She could not help but start to move in her seat as each movement made the hot soft poop spread a little more,now forcing it to move up in front of her as she squeezed her legs together and felt the pudding creep over her pussy lips.She found that moving just a little made her feel it moving over her pussy and the heat from it was such a wonderful feeling that in a matter of two minutes she found that she had actually had a very strong orgasm at thirty miles per hour in the middle of the city and she loved the feeling.Now Tal wished that she had discovered this pleasure a long time ago,and she knew that she wanted to do this again very soon to experience this feeling once more.

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