Pooping pants againts my will – 2

The second time I pooped my pants in spite of myself at the work. I was sitting alone in my little room. Suddenly I wanted to fart and did it. At first I didn’t mention something went wrong. But soon the whole room stank of the shit. It was unbearable stench.
I touched a seat of my suit and found it wet. I was surprised. I smelt at my hand. Oh, damn! It was sickish smell! I arose and looked on my arm-chair! Damn! There was a puddle of liquid shit on the seat of the arm-chair!
I was shocked! I didn’t fart! I shat and took no notice of it!
Any second somebody could enter and see me! I locked the door and opened the window. Then I took a pack of paper kerchief and began to clean the arm-chair and my suit. Of course I couldn’t get rid of brown spots. But I put an end to a slush and the stink became weaker.
After that I left my room. It was the dangerous step because I got in a common room where our assistants and lawers worked. I crossed this place quickly, came out in a hall, took an elevator and hurried outside.
I got in my car and drove at home. I call my chief by cellular and said him that I felt sick and had to go home.
Good luck didn’t leave me. Nobody noticed the spots on my suit.

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