Pooping pants againts my will – 1

There were three times in my life when I pooped my pants against my will. Oh God, it weren’t funny but after a while it’s nice to remember.
The first accident happened in a car. It was early morning. I drove to the city from a summer cottage. Suddenly I had to go very badly. I felt a strong toss in my stomach. I was very desperate. I got in a traffic jam and I couldn’t left the car. At the same time I was going to go any moment. Then I took a polyethylene shopping bag which I found in the car. I poke the bag in my pants and smoothed out this bag under my ass. I had time took out my hand. In a split second a huge load erupted from my anus. I felt a massive shit squished all over my ass and my balls. Thanks to the bag – it protected my pants. When I got in our city flat there weren’t any spots on my dress.

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