Pooping pants against my will – 3

The third time when I pooped my pants against my will happened a few years ago. I visited my girlfriend. She loved anal so we had fun with all three of her holes. Then I left her flat with real gratification. I went down to the zero floor and began to open a street-door.
At that moment I felt something in my bowel. I was sure it was a gas. So I let the wind go.
Next second a big load of wet shit erupted into my pants. At the same moment the street-door opened and some woman came in.
I was shamed very much and I rushed outside. The door closed behind me and I stayed next to the house with pants filled of shit. I felt so embarrassed by the accident. The best thing I had to do was to return to my girl. But don’t expect me to do impossibilities! I couldn’t imagine to appear in front of her with the shit in my pants.
So I hurried along the street searching any place where I can clean myself. I felt a new stirring in the stomach. I stopped and tried to calm my bowels. I really needed to poop again. But I didn’t see any WC near. I couldn’t stand there the whole day. I needed to find the place to poop and to clean myself. When I made next step I couldn’t hold it. New portion of the wet shit broke forth from my ass. I walked quickly and felt the soft shit glided down my right leg.
OMG dear reader! I like to poop pants! I am so exciting loading my pants in public. But when I have this fun I dress a coat to hide bulges and spots.
Oh my darling reader! I hope you’re strocking your penis or rubbing your pussy while reading my story. I’m happy if you’re on the edge of orgasm. Usually I get awesome pleasure reading your stories and seeing your video.
But to be true to rise next morning as SUPER SHIT STAR of YOUTUBE – oh no!!! It wasn’t my cherished dream. So I prayed for nobody with a camera walked following me.
Then I saw McDonalds and rushed inside the cafe. WC was in the first floor. I went upstairs. A great piece of luck – a stall was free. I went inside and closed the door. I got off my shoes, then I got off my jeans. My underpants was saturated with shit. I got it off and threw in a garbage basket. I took a toilet paper and cleaned my legs and trousers of the jeans. Another great piece of luck was that brown spots were in the crotch and inner sides. So people must look fixedly at my legs to notice points left by shit.
I put jeans on my naked body and went outside.
Then I saw the shop with cheap clothes, bought new jeans and changed into it in the toilet.
I never told to my girlfriend how I pooped my pants in her house.

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