Pooping Panties, Underpants, etc and Disciplinary Actions

I like liquigirl poop in my pants roughly five times each month and am wondering if anyone here (I know liquigirl prefers to go to the restroom in her panties by shitting herself. i commend her for this, she considders her pants, panties, and other underclothes to be her private diaper collection. She shits herself like an eight year old and has some of the prettiest juvenile and adult sized accidents on herself which makes her very sexually attractive and pleasing to come back for more.


My Bi girlfriend being partially incontinent in her rectum and shits in her diapers.


When I do it in my pants, I get a spanking on the bottom and a nostrils scolding and the punishment is a minimum of three days in diapers cuffed with shackles on my ankles like a prisoner for three days.


Does anybody here enjoy being handcuffed and shackled as part of bad boy/bad irl punishment for going in their pants?

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