Pooping myself

I went to the beach today and was walking down the beach and looking at all the people.  I knew I had to poop so I slowly walked toward the steps and when I got to the top there were 2 boys about 19 and 21 maybe.  I asked them where the bathroom was and they pointed to a building about 500 yards away I said I hope I can make it.  As I started to walk away about 3 or 4 steps I bent over and loaded my pants I said damn it all I hate when that happens.  I looked at the boys the older one looked disgusted – but the 19 yo looked like he was interested and I saw his cock getting hard I slowly walked over to the bench and sat down and acted like I was upset they both looked at each other and got in the car and left.  But it felt good to do it in front of some cute boys and then sit in it.  I will repeat this act.

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  2. Hope you chance to meet up again with the young one there soon and maybe he will handle the situation differently and you’ll both be the happier.

  3. I wouldn’t have bothered looking for a bathroom. I’d just shit in my swim trunks and that would have been that. Then I’d gone out in the water and sit in it and masturbated . Maybe played in my shit a while before getting cleaned up. Good story, anyway.

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