Pooping my pants in a hotel room

Well to start off because of my living situation I can’t enjoy pooping in my pants on purpose, but tonight I decided it was time I FINALLY poop in my pants so I got me a cheap hotel room and pooped in my pants o my gosh I was in heaven when I pushed out a huge soft warm load into my pants btw it’s been over a year since I last had the chance to do this. I layed on the bed and just flow out. I came so hard without even touching myself. I’m just really hoping I have to poop again before I have to leave the hotel. I’ve been stuffing myself with Taco Bell and took stool softeners.

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  1. Very nice and welcome benjamin. I love going to a hotel and being naughty, also nice to stroll through the supermarket and let a huge dump go in your shorts as you cruise down the aisle. Hey great story I know that feeling when you cum, it’s like no other in the world. Ben drop me a message anytime buddy and maybe you never know. Hugs and let’s hear some more shit from you lol !!!

  2. Hi Ben22,
    I was at a motel several years ago and in the evening I couldn’t find anything on TV to watch so I put on my shit pants and went to bed. I pooped out a huge load and laid there enjoying it . My cock was hard as a brick but I wasn’t ready to masturbate yet because I knew after I would shoot my load, I”d be done until the next time. I wanted to enjoy it. I’d take my cock to my “boiling point” and then back off to keep from cumming. Then I got the idea to fill the bathtub full of warm water and I got into the tub with my pants full, Sitting there with my load and masturbating at the same time was a real high feeling. I was going to play with my dick for a while taking me to the point and backing off again but I was so hot when I got near that point – my cock got off automatically and I felt oh so good I didn’t even try to stop it! After I got done coming, I got cleaned up ant went back to bed and slept thru the night like a baby! I felt so good the rest of the night. The only thing missing was a good piece of ass to fuck – either during the tub episode or afterwards.

  3. I took a shit in my pants in a hotel room about a year ago. It was the last night of a three day training course, we had a formal meal which indicated the end of the meeting, l got back to my room took my jacket off, loosened my tie and went to the bathroom. I felt relaxed and had a hard on. I dropped my zip grabbed my hard cock still in my pants and started to jerk off. As l was getting closer to a climax, my arsehole muscle started to weaken, l did nothing to stop the fact that l was now touching cotton. As l shot my load, nothing in the world could stop my long hot shit coiling into my white boxer briefs. Shooting back and front simultaneously in my pants is the most amazing feeling, l would recommend it to any one

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