Pooping lesson for a facebook friend

Monday morning I got up so early as a fb gf wanted me to control her over the last weekend so she could experience her first real pooping in her panties.
She works at night so would be driving home at 6 am my time.I ordered her to not visit the toilet after midnight Sunday to pee,to not poop after Thursday and to take an ex-lax pill at midnight Sunday and she had to hold out and not let go until I told her she could.
I did try to be gentle and kind with her and so she drove home and parked in her garage,then got a wooden chair out there with a folded towel on it and sat down as instructed,leaning back in the chair.She was really desperate to pee and poop by then.I told her to let a little pee out then stop and she did,then I let her just have all her pee come out into her panties and jeans,so she got soaked,and she said that it felt so good.
Now I told her to relax and let just a small bit of poop out,which she did,then to stop it and wriggle in the chair to spread it over her ass.She did it and liked the feeling.Now I told her to push out all the poop into her panties as she leaned back in the chair,which she did and loved the feeling as it all got pushed forward as it came out,covering her pussy and flowing up onto her belly.
Once it was all out in her panties I told her to wriggle again and feel it spread more,then I got her to use her hand to spread it more,and then told her to put her hand inside her jeans and panties to use a handful of the warm poop to spread up on her belly and over her boobs.She did this and told me that as she spread it over her boobs she exploded with such a strong orgasm without even touching her pussy.
This was the first time she had done this and she was so excited and horny doing it that she wants to do it again lots of times and with me to guide her.She is one of my fb friends but I will not give her name as I promised her to keep that secret. I thought you might like to hear the story to inspire you.

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