pooping in skinny jeans

I live out in the country just a few miles outside of amarillo, and my parents were out for a few hours so I had to feed my mothers horses. I had been constipated for five days and I still couldn’t poop. I went to the feed shed which is like a hundred yards away and I began to fork some hay for the horses when I felt a small cramp. I ignored it and I finished feeding the horses when I noticed they needed more water so I ran a hose to the water trough an I turned it on while feeling some cramps in my gutt. The cramps got worse but I had to stay until the horses had enough water. After five minutes I shut off the valve and the cramps were killer so I tried to run to my house. I was wearing hottopic super skinny jeans with a lot of stretch to them with tight spandex boxer briefs underneath. I never Pooped in skinny jeans before so I wanted to do it in my house, so I ran back from the feed shed and halfway there I tripped on the rough ground and I lost control in my skinny jeans. I lay on my stomach while a very huge, hard turd slowly pushed into my pants. I moaned in excitement while I felt the turd slowly push against the seat of my tight jeans. I put my hand on my butt and I felt a large expanding bulge pushing outwards. The turd started to form into a ball since it had nowhere else to go due to the skinny jeans. After I was done I had a grapefruit sized ball of hard poop in the seat of my pants, and it was the most amazing pants pooping experience of my life. It was also so sensual, exciting, fun, relaxing, comfortable, and a huge turn on. I recommend for others to try pooping in skinny jeans at some point in their life.

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  1. I’ve pooped in my levis 505’s jeans and shorts thousands of times in my lifetime and each time with a firm load and always feels awesome – usually pee some at the same time

  2. I wear skinny khakis to work and at times after the drive home I get out of my car and let one go. After sitting the seat is pulled down a bit, enough room for a load. Great experience for me too. Great story, I wish I was there for your epic trip!!

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