Pooping in my panties is such a delight!

I just got back from a bike ride where I pooped my pants again. This is the third time I’ve done it in the past six weeks and just can’t get enough of it…..it’s such a delight! As always, I wore plastic pants over my pretty panties for protection. Even though I was already needing a BM before I left my house I inserted a suppository to help increase the urgency. At a little over 4 miles into my ride I NEEDED TO POOP! I stopped the bike then stood there as I relaxed my bowels and allowed a large warm creamy poop to push into my panties. The feeling was wonderful!!! I truly love being in public and filling my pants with poop! I spread the poop on my butt with my hand before getting back on my bike for an enjoyable ride home with poop in my pants. It’s so much fun going past all the female walkers and joggers, knowing that I am wearing panties filled with poop and wondering how many of them have ever enjoyed the same delightful pleasure.

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  1. Yes! Pooping and peeing while biking is the most awesome and hottest thing you can do! I do this all the time and have for years. There’s something really hot about the smell of the outside air mixed with poop, cum, and pee.

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