pooping in a diaper

ok, so i hadn’t pooped in a diaper in a long long time, so long that i didn’t even remember when the last time i did it was!

so this past Saturday morning i had pooped once in the bathroom started eating something and felt the urge again. the problem was that somebody else was using the bathroom at the exact same time that i had to go!!

so i went to the room i was staying in and was walking around in the NEED to poop so while walking around i saw in the closet there are baby diapers that i never fit into, so i picked one up and thought i might as well try one and see if they fit me. (i thought they wouldn’t)

so i put on this diaper and surprisingly enough it fits me!!!! so i just leaned over a bit a dropped a beautiful soft warm mushy load right into that sexy diaper!! and then i wacked off!!

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