💩 Pooping At The Pool 💩

I pooped myself after swimming once. I got out of the pool and joined the long line of people waiting for the bathroom. I was gassy and my stomach was bubbling loudly.

Anyway, my face was red as I stood in line. I tried not to let any farts slip out but eventually, the pressure became too much, and squatted a tiny bit and pushed. The fart was much louder and bubbly than I could have expected and caught the attention of the other people waiting in line. I blushed but at this point, it was no use I was pushing out fart after fart unable to hold back. People looked at me in both disgust and concern but I tried to ignore it. My stomach gurgled loudly and I felt intense pressure down below. I groaned audibly and unintentionally squatted. A few wet farts bubbled out and then the monster log began to force its way out.

It started as a small tent barely visible but the more I pushed the more the back of my suit bulged out. It was very audible the sounds of crackling and the stretching of fabric could be heard a mile away. I grunted as I emptied my gut into my swimming suit and stood up. I reached behind to feel the load I’d produced and almost gasped. It was probably the biggest load I’d produced in awhile. It was the size of two and a half grapefruits. I blushed and quickly excited the line heading to the changing room. I slipped my shorts on over my giant poop wondering if people would notice. Which of course they did.

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  1. It feels great to fill your panties in public when you have a good excuse and can get away with claiming it was an accident.

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