Pooping and peeing in underwear

Sorry. First of all.
This is not a story, so I am posting it as a blog. Had a fun time yesterday after 3 when I pooped my underwear in the bathroom, while sitting on the toilet. Man it felt good. I sat and peed on myself some too, as I masturbated.
Wanted to share that here.

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  1. sitting on the toilet with your underpants on letting #2 come out is total fun and then wetting and masturbating. Yay! more fun.

  2. I love to piss and drop a big load of shit into my pants while seated on the toilet. Sometimes, I can shit and piss at the same time! I don’t know why it is so hot, but it really turns me on. The only problem is that it seems impossible to video the shitting. I can video the pissing easily enough. So I can’t make videos of my shitting in my pants on the toilet.

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