Pooping Accident at Then Grocery Store, Sort of?

         Okay, so maybe it wasn’t an accident. After all, can one really say they “accidentally” pooped in their pants because they were trying to hold it so that they could poop in their pants a little later in a more private place, and lost it in the grocery store? I guess that might depend on one’s definition of an accident.

       It all started when I got stuck with working shift vacation relief as a maintenance tech in the industrial plant where I worked. Of course, it was the graveyard shift. It was the second night, Saturday midnight to Sunday morning at 8 am. The first night, the entire Friday shift came on before I left so the shop was too crowded, but on Saturday, my relief was just one guy, so when I came on Saturday night, I was wearing a cloth diaper and plastic pants under my loose fitting work pants. I’d managed to not poop all day Saturday, and my plan was to poop in my diaper as soon as I punched out and headed for the gate. The night was fairly quiet, I only had one call and that was a case of a “short between an operators ears”.

      When I deliberately haut off pooping for very long, it gets a bit more difficult to get things started, so I started alternately pushing like I was trying to poop, and relaxing when I felt it was getting close. By the time I saw my relief coming in, I felt like I would poop with just a bit more effort, so I was ready. As is my usual practice I hung around to shoot the bull with my relief until the other mechanics had punched out and were walking towards the gate before I said goodbye and went to punch out. As I stood getting my time card , I pushed hard, trying to poop in my diaper. All I did was to fart and wet it some. Oh, well, I can’t stand here grunting and straining like a constipated 2 year old trying to load his diaper. I punched out and left. After I got to my truck, I stood and tried again. Again nothing but gas and a little more pee.

     Okay, I guess I’d have to wait until I got home. As I drove home, I realized I had nothing for supper that night and decided I’d stop at a local grocery store to pick up a steak to cook on the grill. The meat counter was all the way at the rear of the store, and that’s where I was when the first cramp hit me. I knew I was very close to pooping in my diaper, so I grabbed a steak and headed to the checkout counter. About halfway there, I felt my stomach cramp and all of the poop I’d been holding started to force its way out into my diaper. All I could do was to stand there filling my diaper and hoping the bulge wouldn’t show or the odor be too noticeable.  I managed to cut it off before I completely emptied my bowels, but there was already quite a lot of poop in my diaper.

      Now what? I didn’t want to go back to the meat counter and put my steak back, and I certainly wasn’t going to just put it of a shelf somewhere where it would spoil like some people do. I decided to head for the front of the store and see how bad the checkout lines were. Luckily, there was one with only one guy in it. I quickly got in that line. Then I saw the checkout clerk reach for the intercom and say, “Price check on aisle 1”. Now I was stuck there standing there in the line with a poopy diaper while some stock boy took his time going to check the price. About that time, an old lady, dressed like she was going to church, got behind me.  In a few minutes I heard her sniff., then she said something under her breath and left to get in another longer line. Finally the stock boy came back and the other customer paid and left. I quickly paid for my steak and started out of the store. As I left, I glanced back at the line where the old lady had now reached the counter. I saw her say something to the clerk and point in my direction. No matter to me, it was over, I’d pooped in my diaper at the grocery store and kind of gotten away with it.

      As I stood beside my truck, to unlock the door, I pushed the remainder of the poop into my already loaded diaper then got in and sat down for the rest of the ride home. When I got home, I, put the steak in the fridge, and went straight to bed, where you could say “I slept like a baby” in a poop loaded wet diaper. I was really messy when I awoke several hours later and went to clean up and put on a clean diaper

      So, did I have an accident, or did I really do it on purpose by putting myself in s situation where I might reasonably expect it to happen. You decide. Either way, after the fact, it was enjoyable to me. And, oh yes, it was a couple of months before I went back into that particular store.

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  1. Il m’est arrivé la même histoire mais , j’étais sans couche, j’ai tout lacher mon caca dans mon shorty alors que je faisais des courses alimentaires au super U. Heureusement, mon caca ne sentait pas trop …
    Mais une autre fois, toujours au super U, j’étais pris d’une gastro et quand j’ai eu mes premières courbatures, j’ai décidé de sortir du magasin, en vain … tout est sorti si vite que je suis sorti avec une honte. J’avais fait un caca liquide à cause de la gastro et ca avait transpersé mon shorty et mon bermuda !!!

  2. IL m’est arrivé exactement la même chose hier dans un magasin. Une vraie courante non voulue. J’ai du me nettoyer sur un parking tranquille que j’ai cherché un certain temps. Je n’avais pas de couche. Mon short de ville très sale, et le slip vraiment marron. Je me sentais mal. Un vrai caca culotte accidentel.

  3. This is exactly why I prefer wear a thin diaper underneath: I’m so sensitive to diseases which appear suddenly and can wet/mess my snug briefs! Grin!

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