pooped pants

Marilyn smiled as Marla walked into the room in her loose tan army style fatigue pants. Marla positioned herself directly in front of her 35 year old neighbor and turned and grinned. Marilyn watched as Marla’s tan pants began to slowly push out. Marla turned deep red as her pants slowly tented outward. The log slowly pushed at the seam of her pants. A peculiar odor slowly filled the room as the warm fresh dump positioned it’s self in Marla’s pants. Marla stood still her pants now packed with a fresh pile of soft crap. Marilyn felt a rush come over her and fell slowly to her knees in back of Marla. She leaned forward slightly. “how can i be attracted to such an odor” she thought. Marilyn slowly pressed her nose on the warm mound in Marla’s sagging pants. Marilyn took a slow sniff inhaling the putrid odor. she puckered her lips and gently kissed the swollen pants. her face reddened at her actions but she was some how drown to the lump in the 25 year old’s pants. Marilyn ran her nose up and down the bulging seam of Marla’s pants. she pushed harder and brought her hand to the dump and massaged it slowly. her hand pressed gently on the sodden lump kneading it slowly. Marilyn felt her nipples harden and the crotch of her brown corduroy pants began to dampen. Marilyn placed her hands on Marla’s hips as she slowly kissed the popper in Marla’s pants. “oh my” she whispered. Marilyn stayed in her position. Marla began to rub the front of her pants. Marilyn heard Marla slowly force her hand down her own pants front and slowly caress herself. Marilyn felt the 25 year olds hips thrusting slowly and looked up to see her gently massaging her hard nipples. Marla achieved an orgasm knowing that her 35 year old friend was turned on by the load she had emptied into her pants. Hardly a minute passed when Marilyn felt Marla stiffen in orgasm. Marla slowly fell to her knees as Marilyn slowly pissed her corduroys. She came instantly with her face against the packed khakis.
Both girls ended up drifting off in a blissful state.

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