Pooped pants out for a drive

I got up early this morning, had my cup of coffee and loaded up my dog decided to go for a short drive down to the river park.
We’ll between the beers last night and the coffee this morning I soon could feel the urge. I knew once I got to the park there would be public bathrooms to clean up in, so I decided to have a little pants pooping fun. Raised my butt up off the seat and with very little effort completely filled my tightly whiteys.
It was a big pretty solid load and when I sat back down it felt great, going up my crack to the back of my nudie and up the front to my balls and cock.
For the last half hour I’ve just been enjoying the feeling,especially the farts as the fart bubbles try to escape thru the poopie pants.
We’ll better go clean up, jack off and go back to work.

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