Pooped myself in front of two girls

I know lots of people don’t encourage this type of activity, but I just love to do it.

This past weekend I was staying at an Airbnb. It was a large property on the water with two cabins and a main house. There was a common walkway that all guests used and then branched off to the separate places.

When I checked in there were two college aged girls staying in one of the cabins, and the owner I assume was staying in the main house, a couple in their late 30s.

I’d come with a friend of mine who doesn’t know about my fetish.

What happened was my friend and I decided to take a few hours apart from each other. She was going to explore the area in the afternoon and I was going to hang back and stay by the lake. Since the morning I’d been saving my poop hoping to have a session in our cabin. When my friend left I went out for some groceries and could feel my guts rumbling from the night before.

I grabbed what I needed and headed back to the house. I was wearing a tight fitting bathing suit, a tank top, and some sandals.

As I was heading to the house I saw the two girls that were staying in the cabin next to ours heading back as well. I LOVE pooping myself in front of people, and thought I was going to do it! I didn’t know them, they didn’t know me, I wasn’t from the area, and the chance of running into them again was close to zero.

I hurried my pace and started to act desperate. The girls and I got to the walkway at the same time and we started chatting. I bent my knees and took my keys out and acted flustered. The girls could tell something was wrong and asked if I was okay. I said yeah, just that I had to use the washroom bad because of all the drinking and pizza from last night. The girls laughed and said they knew what I meant. They were about to walk off when I turned around and gave a gentle push. A wet sounding fart came out right into my bathing suit bottoms. I shuffled really slowly towards my door and gave another big push. This time a large load of semi-soft poop came out, bulging my shorts out. It finished out with more bubbling and crackling. I stood still, still bent over slightly. The girls were quiet for a few second and then one of them said “oh my god, are you okay?!”

I turned around and acted really embarrassed (I really was!) I said “I’m sorry you had to see that” and the other one laughed and said “that could’ve totally been me!” lol I waddled towards the cabin, making sure nothing fell out, and got the key in the door. I turned around and they were still staring, one of them had a phone in her hand and I assume was taking a picture or a video.

I got inside, walked into the bathroom, and inspected the damage. There was a decent sized bulge in the back of my blue bathing suit and you could see a bit of brown wetness down my right thigh.

I cleaned up and when my friend came home a few hours later the cabin still smelled like poop. She was none the wiser, though.

When we were leaving I saw the girls again and we smiled at each other, but they didn’t say anything about my accident.

That’s my story.

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  1. So hot. Only thing that would’ve made it better is if one (or both) offered to help you clean up and then you got in bed with them after the cleanup.

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