Pooped my Pants at Work

I work at a grocery store and I have a 6 hour shift. It’s only a small store so I run it on my own. I forgot to go to the toilet at the start of my shift and had the string strong urge to shit about an hour in. I decided to shit my pants and it was one of the biggest dumps I’ve ever taken :). It spread all over my balls and butt and smelt so fucking good. I was packing shelves in my messy pants and decided to sit down in them. The crap started leaking out the back of my pants and warm shit covered my dick. It was literally a diaper of crap, in my underwear. The customers started to notice and definitely knew it was me but no one said anything. A few hours later I really had to go again. I was once again packing shelves and let another huge dump into my undies. However, I didn’t know there was a customer behind me. He was a middle aged man and proceeded to ask “did you just have an accident?” I replied “it was more of a purpose.” He didn’t say anything and just gave me a funny look. For the rest of my shift customers asked what that smell was and I told them “I pooped my pants on purpose.” This was probably the best shift ever as my whole backside and crotch was covered in masses of shit.

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  1. Very risky but I bet that felt amazing.

    I got found out not long after starting work on a house. I had been told no one was going to be home all day and had no idea that information was wrong until I was working up a ladder. Suddenly a voice below me said “you did a poop in your undies”. When I looked down there was a young girl standing there looking up with a rather surprised look on her face. At the time I had my legs apart with one foot on the ladder and the other on part of the house. I tried to make an excuse, but she didn’t buy it at all, then went in and told her mother. I contemplated leaving but couldn’t and for the rest of the time I was there the girl followed me around curious about what I had done. Every time I got up the ladder and under the house, she was right behind me. After asking me numerous questions and getting as many looks as she could she said, “you did it on purpose didn’t you”, then insisted I told her the truth.

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