Pooped my pants at Walmart

I went to Walmart Sunday Morning.  I was shopping, and had to go very badly.  I walked around some came out, then I went to pay, and as I was walking away I let more out.  I then went outside, and sat on the bench one of the stock boys came out and sat next to me.  I was worried he would figure it out, and after a few minutes he said to me smells like someone had an accident, and then smiled at me.  I said yeah I guess I did….he got up and said have a great day I saw he was hard but being he was so young I didn’t pursue anything with him, and I really would have loved to play with him, he was by cute and had a sweet bubbly butt.  

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  1. next time, you should go there and find him and look at him while you shit your pants and pretend that you are him and he is the one shitting his pants

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