Pooped my pants at a strip club

So the other week I was out of town on busines. I had some time to kill so I decided to go to a local strip club to have some fun.

Before I went I threw on a nice thick diaper and headed out, planning to do something naughty.

I got to the club a bit later and really had to go by this point. I sat front row and immediately saw two gorgeous girls that caught my eye. One girl had long flowing red hair with huge double d boobs, and the other had shorter black hair with many various and sexy tattoos.

After chatting to them for a bit, I convinced them both to take me to the private section. Once there they began to dance on me and grind on each other. Meanwhile my bowels were ready to burst.

They began gently kissing and teasing one another while sitting on my lap and grinding on me. It was so fuckin hot I lost control. I squeezed and a massive wet stinky load of mush flooded into my diaper while the girls kept dancing. The music was loud so I know they didn’t hear it but they definitely smelled it. It was a foul stench but they kept grinding on me with grimaces on their faces while the load mushed around in my pants. It fell sooooooo amazing.

Eventually the black haired girl couldn’t take it anymore.
“Something smells like shit!” She stated. The redhead girl nodded.
“Yeah what the hell is it?” Suddenly in unison they both looked at me. I smiled a stupid smile and squeezed pushing another round of stinky brown mush into my sagging diaper.it felt so good that I busted a fat load in my pants as well.

The girls were horrified.
“Ewww what the fuck you loser?” The black haired one said. They both jumped off me, as I sat in bliss with my thuroughly soiled diaper. They ran from the room and i sat and squished my filthy load around.

Needless to say, I got out of there quick after that. Lost quite a bit of money that night but damn was it worth it.

As I wrote this, I couldn’t help but dump a hot mushy stinker into my pajamas at the thought of it all. The humiliation was awesome and every time I think about it now I want to do it again.

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