Pooped my panties at the beach

A couple of years ago I was visiting my dad in California.Mom and him divorced when I was quite young and he had gone to live in Huntington Beach which has a lovely beach and lots of surfing.Here in Utah we are a long way from the sea,so I decided that I would drive down to stay with him for a couple of weeks and stay at his home.He did not know of my love for pooping in my panties so I would need to be careful if I wanted to poop then there.However I am good at thinking sneaky so I was sure I would find a way to enjoy that pleasure.

I drove there in about 12 hours in my little mini cooper with my case in the back filled with summer dresses and panties as I knew I would need changes of clothes if my plans to poop worked out.I arrived in the evening in bright sunlight as it was summer and quite hot.He welcomed me warmly and introduced me to his girl friend Ashley,who was a very cute blonde a good few years younger than him but a few years older than me.We liked each other right away and she offered to show me round during the week when my dad was working.

We ate at their home and as I was tired after the long drive I went to bed early and fell asleep as soon as I touched the pillow.Next morning I slept late so it was 11 am when I had brunch and then Ashley said we should go to the beach and relax in the sun by the sea.I dressed in my normal cotton panties that I love for pooping,and over that I wore a light summer dress that came down to just above my knees but was loose and would hide my panties but not get in the way if I wanted to pee or poop them,which I was sure I would.
Ashley drove me in her car and she had brought along a few big towels for the beach and to cover the car seats in case we got wet in the sea and she had to cover her seats.

She parked close to the beach,not far from the pier,and we checked out the shops along the front.I was so interested in the surfboard store on the corner across from the pier and the candy shop round the corner which I noted for a visit before I came home.We carried two big towels with us to the beach and settled for a spot just south of the pier.There were lots of people all over the beach but mainly not too close to us,so we spread the towels and settled in the hot sun.We rubbed each other with sun cream and gently barbequed in the sun for an hour as we talked back and forth as girls do.

I was starting to feel very hot in the sun and as I lay there thinking,I realized that it was now 3 days since I had poop back home in Utah,and all the food I had enjoyed on the drive here plus my brunch was now making me feel quite full.In short,I needed to poop soon.The more I thought about it the more I needed to poop,so I suggested we took a walk along the beach and carry out towels so we didn’t lose them.Ashley was happy with that suggestion,so we slung our towels over our shoulders and slowly wandered in a southerly direction with the sea on our right.There was no breeze off the sea,so the heat was rising as we walked and we both began to perspire,girls don’t sweat.I could feel my need to poop becoming more urgent as we walked but was surprised when I heard a loud gurgling noise.It was not me however,it was Ashley.She stopped and held her tummy and said she was sorry to make noises but her tummy seemed to be a little upset this morning.

My tummy started to feel a little unsettled too but that did not worry me.It actually made me feel happy as I might have a good excuse to be naughty and poop my panties on the beach without needing to feel guilty.I said to Ashley that maybe walking would help her if she could keep going,so she decided we should keep going.I looked around and we had left the area where all the people were and were now on our own on a quiet part of the beach,and quite a long way from the shops and of course the toilets.I said that maybe we should head back toward civilization if Ashley need a toilet and she smiled and thanked me for thinking of her comfort.We turned and started walking slowly north watching the seagulls and the surfers.I didn’t hurry our pace as I was interested to see if Ashley might have a tiny accident in her panties.She was wearing a nice summer dress similar to mine,and we both wore plastic sandals on our feet.

Just before we got back to where all the families were playing in the sea and sand,Ashley stopped again and held her tummy as it played that gurgling tune again.This time she said that she was getting terrible cramps and she felt so bad that she might have an accident in front of me and I would thing she was a bad person.I hugged her and told her that pooping her panties would be no big deal if she could not help it,and I was feeling an urgent need too.I said we should rest for a minute or two,so we put our towels down again and spread them over the sand,still more than 100 yards from the other people on the beach.My bowels were by now ready to empty as soon as possible,so I told Ashley that I was really desperate for a toilet now too and I thought that I would not make it all the way to the pier.I said to her to please keep my secret,but I had pooped my panties a few times (make that hundreds) before,so if she needed to poop her she should not feel bad as I would join her.

She asked if we should find a hidden place to poop,but there were none on the flat exposed beach,so I told her just to relax and we would both poop into our panties and she should not feel bad about it.We both stood and looked out to sea,arm in arm,and I relaxed and stopped holding my bowels in check.Right away I felt a soft warm poop touching my panties and keep coming.I told Ashley that I was pooping right now and she should just relax too and let it happen.I told her that it actually felt quite nice to feel that warm poop slowly creeping into my panties and spreading over my bum and she should just let it come and enjoy being a naughty girl again.

Now I pushed hard and the whole big soft poop was in my panties,making quite a large bulge behind me as I reached round there with my hand to press it gently.Ashley looked at the bulge at my bum and gasped as she stopped holding hers in and started to let it come into her panties now.She said that she felt so embarrassed,but it did feel quite nice and warm and so soft as it spread over her bum too.I told her to push hard now and get it all into her panties,which she did and then we hugged since we were both now messy naughty girls who had shit our pants only 100 yards from people playing on the beach.

What do we do now she asked with her face as red as could be.How do we get back to the car like this,past all these people.We must have been half a mile from the car and would need to walk past a lot of people with a noticeable bulge at our bums.I told her that we should take off our dresses and keep on our panties and bras and go into the sea to dump our poops and wash out our panties,but first we should sit on the sand while we took the dresses off being careful not to get poop on them.We lifted up our dresses to our waists and sat on the hot sand.It felt so lovely as the soft warm poop was pressed by our weight and squirted all over our bums and some of it slipped forward over excited pussies as we settled in the sand. We took the dresses off and folded them beside us on the towels as we sat on sand.I started to rock to spread my soft poop further and told Ashley t rock and enjoy fully the naughty feeling of pooped panties. She rocked too and I saw her smiling brightly as warm poop slipped over her pussy lips.

I told her that I was so enjoying this feeling and I just had to have more,so I started to rub my pussy with my hand outside my panties,spreading the poop as I rubbed hard bringing myself to orgasm in seconds .I told Ashley to go ahead and rub hers too,which she did and very soon she was gasping with delight as she shuddered,squirting into her dirty panties.She said that this was the best orgasm she had felt for years, and if pooping her panties could make her feel like this she would have to do it again.I told her that it would always be as good as this,so she should poop her panties every chance she got.It took us a few minutes to recover from our orgasm and then we walked into the warm sea up to our waists and removed our panties, scrubbing them reasonably clean in the sea water,then rubbing the poop of of our bodies,each checking the other to be sure we were clean.We put our panties back on and walked out to the beach again,lying on the towels for about 15 minutes until we were mostly dry before putting our dresses back on to walk back to the car and get into the shade.Now there is a new convert to the joys of panty pooping.

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  1. What a day it must have been.. You must have walked around for the rest of the day with a permanent grin on your face !! We need more converts !!!

  2. That was wonderful to read and you wrote it so well that I was on the beach with you, watching.
    By the way, horses sweat, men perspire and girls glow. xxxx

  3. I would’ve loved to walk by and caught a whiff of your poop. I’d watch you two just filling up your panties. Watching your bulges in your panties turn them wet and brown.

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