Pooped in a car

I wrote this story for a friend named Jen who asked me to write her story from her details.

Hi I am Jen and I just love to poop in my panties.A few days ago I was riding in my friend’s car with her coming home from visiting other friends of ours.It was a drive of about 30 miles and I knew before I left their house that I should have visited the bathroom to poop,but I wanted to get home first and perhaps poop in my panties in the comfort of my own home.My friend Carol drove along the main road staying well inside the speed limit.About half way home I felt a stirring inside me telling me that I was going to poop very soon,so I clenched my butt cheeks tight hoping to reach home in time as there were no places I wanted to go to find a rest room.I hate public rest rooms as I don’t know what I might find in them and I can’t trust them to be clean.
At last we reached the turn off for our homes so it was only five miles more and I could be safely home.Carol decided to stop at the Safeway store to just pop in quickly to get bread and milk.I said I would stay in the car as I did not want to move when I was so close to pooping time.She only took five minutes then we set off again,but by now my bowels were starting to move a little in spite of my clenching.As I sat looking out the windows I felt a small warm wet sensation on my butt and knew that my white panties now had a brown spot on them.There seemed no point now in trying to keep them clean so I relaxed a bit with the clenching and felt the warm wet feeling begin to spread a little.Carol had the car radio on thankfully,so the music covered any sounds from my butt as I just relaxed now and enjoyed the feeling as soft warm poop slowly left my body and expanded all over my butt,filling my panties so nicely.The weight of my body leaning back in the seat made the soft poop get pushed forward ever so slowly slipping over the lips of my pussy.That made it tingle and I felt so horny that I wanted to rub my pussy right then,but I had to wait until I got home;only a few more minutes now.
I moved my butt around in the seat for the last few minutes of our journey and soon Carole pulled up at my door.I squirmed once more in my seat and got out, thanking Carol for the ride and saying that I had to go quickly to my bathroom as I had suffered a slight accident in my panties.She looked concerned but smiled and said I should not worry about it as accidents happen to everyone.To me accidents feel so good as I get so much pleasure from every one I have.I stood and waved as Carol drove off and as soon as she was out of sight I let my bladder join in the fun and flooded my panties and jeans with what seemed like gallons of hot pee.Then I walked inside my home and began to fully enjoy my accident by masturbating hard until my wonderful orgasm swept over me.I cleaned up which was quite a job but well worth it for the pleasure I got.

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  1. Mmmm… sooo hot and naughty, your story made me rock-hard : I rubbed by bulge while pooping my tight jeans and eventually jerked-off in my shit-loaded jeans while reading it !

  2. Damn so sexy. I just dumped a hot fresh stinking load in my diaper as I read. I love mushing it around in my there. Uggggh just busted a fat load too, but now I have no one to change me 🙁

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