Pooped at Katy’s Party

I Pooped Myself While I Was Drunk
At Katy’s Party
By: Me
Written on June 8th, 2011
Last Saturday my cousin Katy invited me to her party at her place in Layton.She was having just a few friends of hers in for drinks and fun she said.I went over to her home in the early afternoon to help her prepare for the party.Wee talked as we got things ready and decided to have some fun of our own at the party by taking some stool softerer pills now and letting them work on us during the party to see what the reaction of her friends would be.One of her friends would be Ann who joined us for pooping at her gym not so long ago and we all had a great time with her,so she would be fine with our pooping at the party,and Katy was pretty sure that her other friends would be too as they were quite adventurous.The friends arrived about 7pm and we were all enjoying lots of drinks,me especially as I was staying the night and did not have to drive home,so I could get well smashed and be as silly as I wanted.We played various games and had lots of snacks with our drinks as the evening passed,so we were all in a very happy state and not caring too much what anyone did.There was popcorn there too,so I enjoyed some of that since it helps me to poop easily.

About 11pm Katy suggested that we roll up the carpet and sit on the vinyl tiled floor to play a drinking game,so we got the carpet out of the way and sat in a circle with our drinks in front of us,each filled right up with a mixture of various drinks.The idea was to have a drink then pass your glass to the next person who had to drink and pass again,so everyone had to drink some wierd cocktail of spirits until the glasses were empty.Then we were all given beer and told to drink it as fast as possible.Nobody was allowed to leave the circle for any reason and we were supposed to hold on and not go to the bathroom.The first one to have an accident was to be stripped naked by the others.Silly game but everyone was ok with it anyway.There were quite a few girls who were squirming as they tried to hold their pee,so
it was no surprise that soon our first victim was chosen to be stripped as she peed her pants as she sat in the circle.Katy and I were meantime having our own holding problems as the stool softeners were beginning to work and we both felt like we could explode.Katy then called everyone to get ready for the next game which she said was to be a prize for the first one to poop in their pants,knowing she and I were close to being favorites for that game.A few were a bit reluctant,but soon everyone agreed and a kitchen timer was produced and set to see if anyone cound poop before it went off.A lot of the group were straining hard but could get nothing to happen,while Katy and I only had to relax and within seconds we were both filling our panties.We both had a lovely soft poop come out and our panties strained to hold our poops inside as they crept up the front of our panties covering our bellies to win us a joint first prize.When the others saw that they piled on top of us and we got the poop rubbed all over our bellies and butts by lots of hands.We protested of course,but really enjoyed the extra attention from the others.I think we came out as some kind of heroes to them fr having done so well,and nobody complained about the smell.All said it was a great party and when is the next one going to be held.
Happy pooping.

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  1. they certainly were adventurous! 🙂 Sounds like just the party you’d like. I wonder if anyone secretly really wanted to but didn’t have the need as they hadn’t had the stool softeners 🙂

  2. sounds like a great party, wish the parties were here in new york. I would go to parties like that every weekend !!! great story !

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