Pooped and spanked

    Growing up I was a mischievous kid. Something I did was I liked to poop in my underwear growing up. It always gave me a hard on growing up.  When I was about 8 years old,  I pooped in my shorts and went outside and played.  When my momma found me,  she told me next time I did this I was gonna get a beating.  Well for the next couple years,  I would  poop in my shorts loving it,  poop would always would stick out in the back. Looked cool to me. Never got caught.  About the age of ten,  i decided to test my parents. I pooped in my shorts, real solid, and walked into the living room where my mom and dad were sitting. Not a good idea. My parents were livid and they were cussing at me.  Not good. And of course I was standing there in my brief and a t-shirts. My daddy called me over to him. felt of the load and looked in my shorts. He said that we knew u were doing it, just could not catch you.  He told me I was gonna get the spanking of my life. My momma said this is the beating u are gonna get.  My daddy picked me up and carried me like I was a two year old and I could feel the poop smushing against my ass.  He took me in the bathroom and put me down. I said i would clean my self. he said no way and proceeded to lower my shorts. If you are gonna act like baby, you are gonna be treated like on.  He took a washcloth and cleaned my ass well.  Felt strange someone else putting a washcloth up your ass.  Then he turned me around and stared cleaning my dick. I asked him why and he said that some of the poop may have gotten on your penis. Did not like that at all. He finally got done, dried me and sent me to my bedroom.  I went in there and got a pair of tighty whities on and a pair of thick pants.  He then came back into my bedroom. He sat down on the bed and told me to take my pants off.   I said oh crap no protection. those briefs do not give u any protection at all.  He then got up big guy,  remove his belt from his pants and that swooshing sound, still can remember it well.  He sat back down on my bed, he doubled the belt up and I pleaded him not to spank me (did not work) told me to get over his lap and he started hitting me with that belt. After a few wacks,  it was stinging my backside,  I plead him to stop with no success.  Then he started pulling up each side of my brief and he could see my butt cheek and started hitting my more.  I was crying and bawling like a baby. He then did it to the other side and I was still crying like a 2 year old. Then he pulled down my shorts,  hand spanked me on my sit spot. when he got done and left,  I got up and looked at my tail. It was red red with welts and I could see his hand marks on my sit spot. That night I slept on my stomach, actually a couple of nites.  He said I hope u have learned your lesson.

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  1. ….. Horrible parents…. Never beat your children like this…. Not even if they do something bad

  2. Yes, I did this over and over again. My dad was thinking this type of spanking would make an effect on me-however it did not. Kept on doing it.

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