poop story ideas

I’ve been thinking of a few ideas for a poop story. here’s a few i thought of:
p.s. These ideas can/should be made into longer more detailed and interesting stories by you. Just be sure to give me some of the credit if you decide to build upon these scenarios. Thank you.

1. The story is in apocalyptic future where people never poop. The food they eat is made so the waste is in the form of pee only. Pooping helpers like poop softeners and laxatives are in museums now. Poop doctors don’t exist anymore. Then a chemical from space lands on earth and the people who have never had to poop in their lives suddenly have to poop and have lots of trouble. Even the people who have pooped in the past are having trouble because they don’t remember how to poop. The poop itself in reality, is very soft and easy to push out but to them it feels like severe constipation.

2. The setting for this story is an apocalyptic future where people have been genetically altered to always have perfect poop. Everything is perfect for people when they poop. One day, a women gives birth to a baby without that gene. The mom doesn’t know what is going on when the baby does this thing we call straining happens. Some ideas for the rest is: the kid is the one who starts to change how people poop because they are bored of having the perfect poop all the time, the kid grows up and has kids of their own so that slowly the world has some people or all people pooping again.

3. A person who at first wants to be constipated, ends up somehow getting their wish only to have it be the most difficult poop in the history of poops. They try different things but to no avail. they then decide to call either a friend over to help or go to the doctor. you can decide the out come of course.

I tried to keep it simple and non detailed so you can add or subtract ideas and make it your own. I am not good at writing so I am not writing the stories myself, though I wish I was. I just can’t flesh out characters and things like that but I know that others are very good at it. Please enjoy and let me know if you use one or all of the inspiration. Thank you for reading.

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  1. Oh wow, good ideas, my friend.

    I think I’ll have to do some working with them… I’d love to chat more, especially about that first idea!

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